Monday, 16 April 2018


One among the millions of reasons why the United Morons Neurotic Oddities and their partners in the coalition of BRAINLESS NITWITS should all be voted out- KELUAR! KELUAR! KELUAR!
KJ - Minister of baloney and doltishness was touted, thought and thrown at the Malaysian public as their most brilliant, academically gifted politician and minister.
It has been clear for a long time that KJ’s academic qualifications from Oxford is of no less a prestige than a stomping ox or a braying ass, chomping and chewing like a chump, on the educated nutritional psychosis plastic grass of idiocy and lunacy

Perhaps education is never designed for a person whose brilliance if one could call it that!, may have been depreciated and stripped of all energy, in trying to unravel and understand the puzzle of black hole proportions as to how his beloved, lying thieving innocent boss could be accused of thievery amounting to billions from the treasury of the nation where none of these whacky dummies from AG to IGP to MACC have no answer. So how dare anyone throw this befuddled ape of a question at KJ on the miniscule peanut of 107 million ringgit missing from the sport ministry?
KJ’s fascination, fixation and fanaticism with reckless poppycock statements that youth should invest in having 10 children to receive government aid is the promotional capability of a rabbit brain penile twisted politician. The abject impoverishment denied him of the erectile pleasure in crawling and clawing at the illusive vaginal walls of a certain PINK SEX SIREN OF A VIEXEN whose seductive power behind the throne in Putra Jaya is an irrespirable, irrefutable and irresistible temptation where even Hercules will drown in the seminal fluid of madness. There should be a public health hazard warning of the dangers in associating with this prolific academician. If one notices a hill emitting in his anterior just below the pelvic line larger than his posterior- it can be concluded that the natural organic cure for erectile dysfunctional-ity is a solution in this parasite of an impotent Einstein. On second thought look at every BN fellow below the waist and one may see intelligence oozing and gushing out.  
This procreative and recreational sex manic of an Oxford stud may as well dispense Viagra free to each and every young person, or has the allocation for this as well been shared as loot among the Brainless Nitwits.
This bungling bumble bee brain of a Minister seems to have a voracious appetite for stupidity and may be of the elevated opinion that whatever fluid emitting from whichever orifice is his contribution of proliferate honey to pollinate pollute and poison the general serf population of this nation.

His immolation of intelligence may be incinerated in the exertions of humping, bumping, twerking, pumping and thumping, the ashes off his stupidity as habitual and ritual of all Brainless Nitwits who have no carbon whatsoever in the remains. Malaysian should vote to intern his ashes in a columbarium of silence - perhaps in that he may finally find that we may accord him respect out of kindness as an academician.
Deciphering why there is clutter of cluelessness that emits from this spinelessness jellyfish is time consuming and unproductive! To extrapolate why this gutless coward with all other cowards are contesting and competing in the gutters of the Brainless Nitwits Party is virtually impossible. To deconstruct and abandon the legacy and heritage of our past leaders is disambiguation of hara-kiri despair and kamikaze insanity, yet they would engage in this philosophical manure of thought and proceed. The loafer’s and looters of BN with indulgent luxury have this tantalizing, titillating, thrill seeking obscene obsession to build ghettos of greed and graveyards of corruption!-VOTE THEM ALL OUT!