Sunday, 1 April 2018

We Take no Prisoners!

All those Berani Mati Umno Idiots in Jamal Jamban's Red Shirt so-called "Army" can talk about marshalling their troops in the thousands. For sure they may be able to do so with the amount of dedak being shovelled into their trough by that Idiot....but let us be smart in the manner we confront them. 
Do what this lone hyena did to the powerful and massive buffalo to bring the buffalo down to its knees...unorthodox but it works.
We have seen how quickly this Jamal Jamban starts crying the moment he is smack in the face...I suggests the next time he comes a calling to any of PH what the hyena did to the buffalo and watch this Jamal Jamban hollering in fear and pain.

We take no prisoners!

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