Tuesday, 8 May 2018


The invincible and unsinkable cruise liner the BNITANIC is against all common sense, rational and advice going on a heads on Kamikaze collision against the insurmountable, monumental, indestructible ninety two year old iceberg. 

The captain of the BNITANIC and his pompous wife  whose weight, shape and size with all the loot and looters has precariously tilted the famous blue and white liner past the plimsoll line. The cruise liner has also been abandoned by some of the mutinous crew.  Who else will abandon the BNITANIC is unclear. What in all probability is happening is that the rats are scrummaging, scampering, and scavenging the length and breath of the cruise liner for one last loot from the loot.

It is now understand that the pompous wife is steering the BNITANIC through the waves, gales, storms, hurricanes and tornadoes buffeting her.
Through the storms 
The seas laughed of a witch looking right, regal and royal bitch with a pink diamond.
The cows crying loss of condos 
The donkeys from Oxford in a dance of death
The monkeys chastened have chattered about this and that of how to kick the Captain and his pompous hideous fat lady, thereby saving and salvaging the ship, loot and crew.

The captain has been sending specific distress signals that ‘ CASH IS KING ‘ as the BNITANIC ‘S  fuel has run out, for anyone who comes to his aid and burn the stash of money will have to keep it afloat as a condition and will receive with equanimity the bags and watches expect the diamonds and two well preserved pickled Male scrotums

The ship with its excess weight and baggage has stayed in one place since the storm of April 28th 2018. The pompous wife is determined to steer the BNITANIC on the 9th of May 2018 to hit the obstacle of the 92 year old iceberg. Looking at the surface it seems like a small iceberg  is the deception being the mainframe chunk of its ominous structure is well below the water line.

The Bugis captain as he likes to be known is preparing his two favourite kris, one borrowed from his favourite cousin to begin the disembowellment procedure where the  only truth tragically spilling out from his guts is the innards. 
Which is the ultimate tragedy for us as Sungai Buloh is the far better with regard to Personal fulfilment


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