Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Not in years, not in months...not even in just 24 hours we can take back our country from thieves and robbers

I have lived with Umno. I have  worked with Umno and basked in the glory and achievements of Umno as if it was my own. I have even claimed Umno as my own. Umno made me into the Malay I had become - confident, independent and able to know for myself what I want of life and how to go about getting that life.... and for many Malays, Umno has also been responsible for what they have now become. Educated, informed and knowledgeable .....but we do not like what Umno has now become. 

Umno has become...a rent seeking, dedak infested, irresponsible, self indulgent entity totally without any saving grace and oblivious of the contempt and disgust it is now being held to by those upon whom they are dependent upon to be able to continue to hold government.   

The future of the Malays lies no longer with Umno. It lies in the ability of the democratic process to deliver to the people of Malaysia a responsible, accountable and courageous government able to meet the aspirations of all Malaysians. All things considered, we can lay claim to be a democratic country...the devil are in the details !!! The democratic process has been used and abused by Umno. 

When Umno had a two third majority in Parliament, the government they do can make a mockery of the democratic process when the political will they wield serves not the people's interest but their own. This, Umno has done without pause until GE 12 when it lost its two third majority in Parliament and then in GE 13, when it lost the popular vote and won government by a simple majority.

Today Umno still holds government via a much abused "democratic process" that favours the incumbent helped by copious amounts of dedak, rampant money politics done openly without fear of reprisals or punishments by government institutions who have been bought to do the biddings of their political masters. All this is part and parcel of the "democratic process" that any government can abuse of it so chooses. Umno has chosen to do so.

This "democratic process" favours Umno the incumbent. It has been granted to them by us, the Rakyats, many many times in the past. It is time we take back the "democratic process" to ensure our country, our people and our future will be in the image of what we want it to be : a responsible government with the courage to make One Malaysia a reality.   

We can do this tomorrow !!! 

You and me ...we can take this corrupt, dedak infested and arrogant Barisan Nasional Government, together with those two Idiots in Seri Perdana, together with all their cohorts and orang suruhan and anyone else that has been responsible for the deplorable state of out nation today....take them out of government and make them be responsible for all that they have done in the name of government. 

Tomorrow we can start the process of change. Tomorrow we can start to have hope again that the future we leave for our children will be sustainable and we can give them courage to face their future with knowledge that whatever that needs to be done to make right what Najib has made wrong during his regime in Putrajaya, will be done! 

Not in years, not in months...not even in just 24 hours we can take back our country from thieves and robbers. We can take back our country from the very people who are responsible for the rot and decay of all the things that we once held sacred and indispensable in our lives : respect for each other, racial harmony, religious tolerance, grace and the courage to accept each other as our brothers and sisters. 

Seize the moment friends! It will never come again if we fail ourselves this time around. 


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