Friday, 25 September 2009

cakap cakap ....Rahim Thamby Chik

When I was in Bangsar about two years ago I lived in Bangsar Permai – in Jalan Tandok. Well if I want to get technical I can say that everybody refers to it as Bangsar Permai Condominium. It has swimming pools, squash courts, a gym, surrounded by a wall and of course the essential security – a guard and the ‘entry by card’ only! The only problem is despite all that our unit was burgled. Anyway that is Bangsar Permai.
Now as you come out of the ‘condo’ right in front of you will be the ‘Lever Brothers’ land  - over 20 acres of prime land …very very prime land that belongs technically to KTM – but we know it really is UMNO that’s decides what will happen to it.
Anyway I was in Putrajaya one day and started to discuss the possibility of putting a proposal for that piece of land…ajaib tapi benar! What have I got to lose! But too late lah. I was told by my ‘contact’ that Pak Lah have decided that Gabem should have that piece of land. In fact my ‘contact’ showed me the proposal already submitted for what was to be done on the site.
To be honest I have never heard of Gabem – but I played it cool with my ‘contact’ – did not want him to think that I was a stupid fool in not knowing what he was referring to. Ok if that was no longer available I asked him “What about the land where the Jalan Travis Police station was on” – because I know that that piece of land stretched all the way to Jalan Selangor – just beside the Petrol station. He said no can do – already given to Sharizat’s brother. Ok lah. That was a lunch at Sheraton Putrajaya gone down the drain! Two opportunities – both taken.
As soon as I got back to Bangsar Permai I started my inquiry as to what was Gabem. To cut a long story short one of Pak Lah’s sahabat told me that Pak Lah wanted Rahim Thamby Chik to get the project – and Rahim was Chairman of Gabem – Gagasan Badan Ekonomi Melayu (Gabem). That blew my mind! Why would Pak Lah want somebody who had violated an underage girl to undertake this massive business opportunity – unless it is to give the man a helping hand to get back into the upper echelons of UMNO? Why indeed?
Now this is what I found out for myself. Can anybody confirm or deny this? Of course this was over a year ago. Maybe with the coming of Najib and Rosmah there might be others more favored then Rahim – any ideas anybody?