Saturday, 26 September 2009

What's UMNO politician or a child molester?

Now what if we have a politician who is a child molester? Only in UMNO…only in UMNO!  It is my opinion that one of the most vile, despicable and sordid deed ever done by UMNO and Mahathir was to protect Rahim Thambi Chik - a child molester - and imprisoning Lim Guan Eng for speaking out against it. Let us look at the facts:
Child: Every human being below the age of 18 years is a  child.

Child sexual abuse: In which an adult abuses a child for sexual stimulation. A child cannot consent to sexual activity with adults. An adult who engages in sexual activity with a child is performing a criminal and immoral act which can never be considered normal or socially acceptable behavior.
Rahim Thambi Chik:  Leader of the State Government of Melaka.

UMNO: Largest political party in Malaysia. Has ruled  uninterrupted since Merdeka. A major proponent of Malay nationalism and a “truly” Islamic Party.

Lim Guan Eng:  “If I fail and have to go to jail, I have no regrets. I have no regrets of going down fighting for the principles of truth and justice. There can be no women's rights if women rape victims are considered equally responsible, and even detained, whilst the accused remain free.”

Attorney Gebneral Datuk Mohtar Abdullah: He made the office of Attorney General into a tool of oppression to drag to court perceived political critics and enemies of UMNO.

Mahathir: The Prime Minister who practically destroyed all the institutions of democracy in Malaysia. Corruption and cronyism flourished under his rule.
The case: Tan Sri Rahim Thambi Chik raped a 15-year old girl. The underaged school girl admitted the affair. The Attorney General dismissed the case against Tan Sri Rahim as being without sufficient evidence when the girl could not make specific description of Tan Sri Rahim Thambi Chiks private parts - such as its length and size. Lim  Guan Eng spoke out against it and he was put in prison for three years. No charges have been brought against Rahim for the rape and sexual abuse of the under age girl.
This is a classic example of the arroggance of power and the extent to which UMNO had gone to protect one of its own. Lim Guan Eng was hunted down because he was going to compromise Tan Sri Rahim Thambi Chik’s integrity or lack thereof. They say truth is stranger then fiction. Guan Eng was not an enemy of the state. He did not sell state secrets to Singapore nor gave military intelligence to Thailand. But Guan Eng was a true enemy of UMNO. Not only was he from DAP – but a Chinese with Lim Kit Siang, Chairman of DAP as his Father. UMNO wanted to demonstrate to all and sundry what would happen to those that dare to cross their path.
If those in power wanted to teach Lim Guan Eng a lesson for speaking out against one of their own then sending him to prison is one sure way of doing it and the Attorney  General was the guy to do it. The Judicial system is a powerful tool to use against “enemies’ of UMNO and Mahathir. Laws are only as good as the desire and agenda of those responsible for enforcing them. Mahathir shamelessly used the judicial system as a tool to retaliate, bully and destroy the lives of those he does not like. Truth and justice were of no concern to him. Mahathir’s concern was getting a conviction on trumped up charges with fabricated evidence and to put the fear of UMNO in people.

The Rakyat are unwittingly funding the destruction of perceived enemies of UMNO on frivolous issues and selective prosecutions because the government and UMNO uses its power and exploit these advantages for their personal agendas. UMNO has unlimited money and unbridled power. When Guan Eng or any Rakyat finds themselves confronted on an issue that contradicts UMNO—whatever these issues may be, they then becomes an “Enemy of the State”. Our government is spending the Rakyat’s Ringgit to carry out theses atrocities. Without exposure of this conduct and a change in the culture of institutional and bureaucratic bullying, we are all vulnerable to becoming Enemies of the State.

What of Lim Guan Eng now? He has moved on in life. He now has the opportunity to show us what he can do in Penang and the recent Tranparency International (TI) commendation of the Island State of Penang for its anti-corruption efforts is an accolade he truly deserves.

As for Tan Sri Rahim Thambi Chik he is Chairman of RISDA and GABEM – whose stated objectives is “Memperkasa dan Memartabatkan Ekonomi Melayu Menuju Malaysia Maju 2020". Translation – satu lagi projek Barisan Nasional to rape, plunder and pillage Malaysia….and so the saga continues….