Thursday, 24 June 2010

cakap cakap...ahhhh memories...

After BN lost Selangor to PR  at the last General Election, to me,  the most memorable aspect of the whole episode was this sms I received. It still gives me a chuckle even today. So here it is again just for old time sake – of course the ‘orang’ in question has notoriously gone on to ‘BIGGER’ things but this will do for now! Does anybody know who was that genius that came up with this gem of an sms? Can anyone come up with another sms as good?
“Sesiapa ada terjumpa seorang rakyat Selangor, rambut putih, belagak handsom, bangsa jawa, rendah2, sila hubungi Balai Polis berhampiran. Kunci pejabat MB ada kat dia”.

Ok Guys ..just received this one! 
Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "cakap cakap...ahhhh memories...":

“Sesiapa ada terjumpa seorang rakyat Kelantan, rambut kerinting, belagak hero Melayu, bercakap besar, rendah2 dan gemok, sila bawa dia balik ke Gua Tempurung supaya dia terus jadi 'KATAK dibawah Tempurung' !!

Ibrahim Ali Baba