Monday, 18 October 2010

cakap cakap...Warisan Merdeka Tower and other thoughts!

As Malaysia descends from being a failed state into what we could possible be termed as stage four of its terminal farce as a nation I can only shake my head in amazement at the antics of Barisan Nasional as it lurches from one lunatic shambles to another. I do not see how Pakatan Rakyat can responsibly take a position against a Barisan Government that is hell bent on building a 100-storey “supertall” Warisan Merdeka tower because “it is good for the country, as it would create economic opportunities!”

Seriously folks how can Pakatan Rakyat counter this kind of logic? Logic? Yes logic according to Najib and Mahathir! Is it not logically that building a RM5 billion structure will create jobs and give business to many sub contractors and suppliers of building materials? Not to mention money in Barisan Nasional politicians pocket? I SAY NOT TO MENTION THAT! …sorry lah.

You cannot fault Mahathir’s logic too …he said “What is interesting for me is that money is being spent to build this tower. When you spend money, then you create jobs, you create opportunities for doing business,” he said today.
“I don’t know if it should be a 100-storey tower or not but spending money is good.” Yes Sir spending money for greedy Barisan Politicians people to profit from is good. And you must not forget that Gordon Gecko said, “ Greed is Good”…how come you did not quote that?

Every week without fail these Barisan Nasional politicians comes out with something that will whack us again and again  - and how much more can we take when we are already being pummeled by other massive “business and economic opportunities”. All these opportunities coming in at us at lightning speed and knocking us senseless!

Please Najib…please stop creating these business and economic opportunities for us…just take the money and put it straight into your pockets..that way no money is wasted on projects that fails –money goes straight to UMNO politicians!

And then just as we are about to stagger to our corner to prepare ourselves for the next bruising and punishing round we are again hit below the belt with this: “We can reveal that Malaysia’s RHB Bank has just lent Raziah Mahmud, the Chief Minister’s sister and her second husband, Robert Geneid, a whopping RM 880 million ringgit!”

Why do you want me to be bothered about the basis that loan was granted? I am still trying to work out in my head Khir Toyo’s spending while he was Mentri Besar. I am still trying to come to grips with the billions lost via PKFZ! And of course Najib’s was spending our ringgit as if it was going out of style while he was Minister of Defense. Then the costs of Putrajaya, KLIA and KLCC – all in  billions of ringgits – not millions. Then there is Greater Kuala Lumpur…etc etc etc.

At least we can lay claim to the fact that the Barisan Nasional Government is a high spending government even if our nation will never reach the high-income nation status that Najib seems to want to take us to – with or without our agreement.

Najib you are judged by what you do – not what you say! Some men are born great some have greatness thrust upon them. Najib is hell bent on pursuing greatness even as greatness is running away from him at great speed in the opposite direction! They say no one has achieved greatness by playing it safe. Najib is certainly giving the phrase “not playing it safe” a new paradigm entirely.

To me what Najib is doing each day is simply stupid. While a genius does have its limit – stupidity is not bound by any boundaries! And he is well assisted when he has all the fools in the Barisan Nasional cabinet on his side. It would seems that you must be stupid, selfish and greedy to get anywhere in Barisan Nasional. In Najib’s case he seems to be endowed with all three! But the operative word here is stupid – breathtakingly stupid!.

Sometimes when I think of what we are up against I despair. I despair that Malay leaders can be so shallow in their thinking and their decision-making. They think the people of Malaysia are gullible and unable to work out in their head the rubbish that these Malay Leaders are dishing out. And what he has been saying to the UMNO club for retired senior government officers is a case in point. But first thing first.

The club president is Aseh Che Mat – this is the same guy who was prancing around on stage like a monkey on heat during the 2004 election with Pak Lah and other UMNO politicians who were celebrating their victory then. The same Aseh Che Mat who became “family’ to Pak Lah when preparation for KJ’s and Nori’s wedding was being planned.  This is also the guy who was doing all he could to be KSN! And the guy who was ‘business minded’ enough to start preparing for his retirement while he was still a government servant…the same Aseh Che Mat who will carry the balls of anybody in power just so he could be with them!

But then for Najib it is any port in a storm! (Remember that Son of Ali!) These retired senior government officers must have served under Mahathir, Tun Hussein and Tun Razak. They are wise enough to know why Najib is speaking to them and why UMNO is so weak now. While in government they would have to toe the line of their political master but when in retirement their interest would be for the Malays and for their country more then for UMNO. Let us hope that common sense will prevail.

And now while all these new fangled ETP, Warisan Merdeka Tower, and the retired senior civil servants club are being mobilized to ‘contribute’ to the survival of UMNO, Najib wants to introduce a new political model to ensure UMNO continues to lead the nation.

This is more like it. Straight to the point…that UMNO will continue to lead the Nation! While he is talking about developments (the ETP, Warisan Merdeka Tower etc) he is playing it safe by advocating that the strategy of politics of development was no longer effective! In as far as Najib is concern these two statements are not contradictory! Sounds familiar? The same as 1 Malaysian and Ketuanan Malaysia are not contradictory! …but always he covers himself by saying “However, if we change and are seen as a fresh and dynamic party, God willing, the people's support for us will continue into the future”…that “GOD Willing” covers everything!

We will move from being a failed state that Malaysia now finds itself heading relentlessly towards – to being a country that can only survive if ruled by a Malay party call “UMNO!” What a load of rubbish!

Malaysia is not yet a “basket case” country like Bangladesh, Burma and some African Tin Pot Alley countries – but not because the Barisan Nasional politicians are not trying hard enough. They are doing the best they can to bankrupt our country but it is harder to bankrupt a country then to bankrupt Banks, PKFZ, Petronas, Government Agencies, Tabung Haji, Sime Darby, Sime Bank, Guthries, EPF, Tabung Haji, ASB, ASN….all these have to be bankrupted first…and then only comes our country!

If you look at UMNO’s record so far they are on target to bankrupting our country possibly in the next few years. Letting them win in the 13th general elections will hasten things a tad faster! So think very carefully what you have to do to make sure they are stopped dead in their tracks in this endeavor! Vote Pakatan Rakyat.


Anonymous said...
ha,ha, ha. A very good description of that thick-skinned Aseh Che Mat. You have accurately pictured the feelings of the majority of civil servants on this guy. But he will never learn until he meets his Creator. He must be thinking now...let them say anything now. When this PM wins big I will reap the benefit. But just as in his career as an PTD officer this non-self respecting guy merely managed to gather around 300 ex senior civil servants out of 55000. What a disgrace!!!!!