Wednesday, 13 October 2010

The "I do not want a BN government" list!

Last night I had a hard time trying to sleep. As a Malay I realized that I am witnessing profound changes in Malaysia. As a Malay I know that if UMNO is no longer the dominant political force in Malaysia then we Malays will most probably no longer be the dominant force in a country we call our own. Do I want this to happen?

Do I want Malaysia to be a country where every ethnicity is equal? Where each and everyone who wants to call Malaysia their home can, with conviction attest to this statement of their individual human rights, which the Americans hold so dearly:

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness".

Do I want a government free of corruption, nepotism, greed and avarice? A government that will make itself accountable and responsible for everything that they do while in office - make itself responsible and accountable to the people that elected them? 


I want that to happen and yet we all have different reasons for wanting different things. To change what we now have in Malaysia we need to be united. We need to know why we want change. We need to understand why we need change and of course we need to be the change we want. And so I think it is important that we put down why we should not vote Barisan Nasional. We should put down the reasons why we do not want Barisan Nasional as our government.

I will start this list here. Help me complete it with your contributions. Here goes:

  "Why I do not want a  Barisan Nasional government" list.

·      I do want a Prime Minister who will not submit himself to a legal process to clear himself of any involvement in the murder of a foreign national.

·      I do not want as Deputy Prime Minister a man who proudly proclaims that he is a Malay first and a Malaysian second. We are all Malaysian First…no second!

·      I do not want as Minister of Home Affairs someone who goes around threatening to throw the citizens of this country into jail and ‘fill it to the brim!”

·      I despise any government that uses such means as the ISA to put away anybody for their beliefs. These people are treated worse then criminals!

·      I do not want a Government that cannot prevent its police from murdering people in their custody and killing suspects in shootouts.

·      I do not want a government that sets up an anti corruption agency in the guise of MACC and then uses that same agency to advance its own agenda of neutralizing its political opponents.

·      I do not want a government that puts as the head of our Judiciary a Chief Justice who illegally married a second wife and then deliberately set out to try and conceal his wrong.

·      I do not want a government that uses the Attorney General and the Judiciary for its own vested interest.

·      I do not want a Police Force that is so corrupt that it is widely despised and treated contemptuously by the very people that they are sworn to protect and defend.

·      I do not want to be treated contemptuously and without respect by countless Government Departments and the Civil Service because they have lost their sense of direction and forget that there are there to serve the people – not the Barisan Nasional.

·      I do not want Politicians who are corrupt as our Ministers nor do I want these politicians to hold any public office.

·      I do not want our money being wasted on overpriced defence purchases, financing tenders and projects that do not benefit us but certainly lined up the pockets of politicians and their cronies, and providing the means for politicians to make promises to electorates to win by elections – to win any elections!

·      I do not want to pay so much Toll when I am travelling even within KL. I want to be privy to these toll agreements that the government negotiated with these tolls operators and work it out for myself whether these agreements were fair.

·      I do not want Sultans to be able to sell Datukship to make money for themselves. I do not want Sultans to get Timber concessions and any other business opportunities because the people are already paying enough money for their up keep!  
·      I just want Sultans to go away – do to the Sultans what India did to their Maharajas.

·      I want any one who is involved in corruption to be prosecuted. I want any one who has used his position of public office for personal gain to be held accountable.

·      I want Rahim Thambi Chik to be prosecuted for being a padeophile – or at best rape of a minor!

·      I want Samy Velu to be brought into account for stealing Telekom Shares from his own people and for his handling of Maika. And while you are at it – prosecute his son too!

·      I want Khir Toyo to be prosecuted for corruption.

And the list goes on…share with me your own list and then at least we can
understand better why we need to change this Barisan Nasional Government
that is being led by UMNO. 

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "The "I do not want a BN government" list!":

My A-Z debacle of Malaysia under BN:

A - Annuar Ibrahim Sodomy fiasco
B - Bakun Dam
C - C4 and murder of Altantuya
D - Daim Zainuddin and cronies
E - Emigration en mass
F - FDI plunge
G - Gani Patahi the bonking AG
H - Hisapmuddin and his crooked metal
J - Judicial Sellout
K - Kugan's torture and death
L - Lingam's correct, correct, korek
M - MaMakthir
N - Namewee
O - Otak Lembu Perkosa
Q - Quota here to eternity
R - RoastMama 1stLadyMalaysia
S - Submarine that cannot dive
T - Teoh Beng Hock's murder by MACC
U - U Must Not Object Big Brother
V - Vincent Tan Halal Sports Betting
W - White Hair Snake Tahi Mahmud
X - X spot as dictated by EC
Y - You help me, I help U
Z - Zimbabwe, Twin Sister of Malaysia


Antares has left a new comment on your post "The "I do not want a BN government" list!":

Taikohtai did such a fine job with his or her A-Z catalog of BN debacles, I can only add that BN represents the murky, patriarchal, life-denying past... while we the rakyat are gazing at a bright future where government is no longer a big deal - just like well-designed, properly functioning plumbing which serves us quietly, efficiently, and devoutly without trying to hog the limelight. BN represents the antiquated top-heavy power structure wherein the greatest number work the hardest to support the smallest privileged elite in grandiose and obscene luxury. That model of social order can no longer sustain itself and all throughout the world it is this model of power that is imploding and disintegrating. I predict its complete demise within the next 5 years, tops. 


KoSong Cafe has left a new comment on your post "The "I do not want a BN government" list!":

I wish to add:
I do not want a Federal Government which discriminates against States controlled by Pakatan (or vice versa).
I do not want a Federal Government which discriminates against Pakatan Members of Parliament (or vice versa).
I do not want a Federal Government to be in charge of State transport policies.
I do not want a Federal Territories Minister.
I want local government elections.
I want open tenders in all big contracts.
I want English to be a compulsory subject in SPM.
I want a government which would make it first priority in uplifting living standards of the people before indulging in inflated prestigious projects. Each of us has only one life, I cannot understand why hardcore poor still exists despite our Twin Towers and Formula 1 Circuit.