Wednesday, 27 October 2010

HAMID Father.

About ten years ago I had aneurysm. Spent a few days in intensive care and took about a year to recover. These last few months I have been having recurring headaches lasting for a few days at a time and spell of dizziness and I felt that it was time to get an educated opinion on my medical condition. This I did with a visit to my doctor. To cut a long story short I will have the first of many tests this week to allow my Doctor to have the information he would need to make an informed decision as to what is to be done to me...either put me in the "too hard to cure basket" or start me on medication to start me down the road to managing what health problems I have. I have an aversion to Doctors but at my age, cannot play play lah!

But here is the better part of the day....when I powered on my PC I got a pleasant message from Andrew Ee…he knew my late Father…and he sent me photos of my father on Widuri – my Father’s beloved boat. Looking at my Father in the prime of his life on his boat brought back so many happy thoughts and memories of this Father of mine…and I wanted to share these images with those of you who might have known him too. Thank you again Andrew for your kindness in posting those images to me.     

For those of you who still have your Father with you - please I ask that you take five and try to reach out to them and let them know your affections, respect and reverence for them...and your mother too! What I have now of my parents are just memories...but what wonderful memories! And Andrew thank you for making me go back to the past to revisit those memories.