Sunday, 22 May 2011

Cakap cakap : The Indians

I have studiously kept away from writing about the Indians. Nothing personal but from what I see on the blogs there are a very sensitive lot! Not only do they hantam the non-Indians whenever anybody makes any constructive criticism, but they also hantam their own. Like this banyak susah lah. Lately I have been getting fed up with the nonsense and chest beating done by those Indians that do post their writing on the Net. This is what normally happens.

They go on about the importance of the Indian votes. About how Hindraf “swayed” the people towards Pakatan Rakyat in the last general elections. About BN not keeping their promises to the Indians. About Pakatan Rakyat not keeping their promises to the Indians. About Najib appealing towards the Indians to support the Government initiatives to help the Indians in business and education. About Anwar's failed promises to appoint Indians to position of importance in PKR and Pakatan Rakyat.  They then threaten to vote for Barisan Nasional/Pakatan Rakyat/ Independent : Delete whichever is not applicable. And so on, and so on, and so on like a broken record.

Please we have heard it all before! What you complain and talk about is also the situation that the Malays, the Chinese and all the other races faces in Malaysia. Those are the reality of politics and what we have to do is not to complain but to do!

Go do some work for BN or Pakatan Rakyat to show your commitment to either of those parties. Do not threaten any party, any body and especially any race. We are all being discriminated. The Malays by UMNO. The Chinese by MCA and the others by whatever party they are for or against. Grow up and understand that nobody owes the Indian a living – not even MIC: Least of all the MIC!

Before you sit down and write me a letter telling me to go jump into the Pahang river I suggest you stop and think whether I am worth the effort of you doing so. It would be so much simpler for you to click me out of your life! Click and I am gone!

To all those Indians who want to friend me…no problems I too want to friend you. You story me about the Indian’s story without any threats and we will read it and maybe learn more about each other and from there do something constructive together. You are one. With me we are two. MERDEKA.