Friday, 1 April 2016

In Questions of Jurisprudence, Ethics and Morality Hubris Still Prevails. But the end is nigh!

Consider this! 

To add to the ongoing investigations by foreign government on this prime minister of ours, there is now that arrest yesterday in Abu Dhabi of the Former Senior Fund Manager who now faces an Extradition Request to the United States.  

As if to confirm his links to the man, Najib is pictured ominously standing close to the man in a signing ceremony of sorts involving 1MDB, that Najib has graced with his presence. Quiet like that familiar picture taken on board the Tattoosh off Monaco with other conspirators of the 1MDB caper, all known to Najib and all complicit and under investigation for the billions lost by 1MDB.


Now we have this investigation by Luxembourg's state prosecutor that is focused on the origin of four transfers in 2012 and one at the start of 2012 for a total of several hundreds of millions of dollars. 

Within the country a quiet insurrection of sorts, still bereft of any outbreak of open revolt, rebellion or riots of any manner, prevails.  

The political entity of which Najib is now President is awash with loose talk and open rebellion, as those from the akar umbi (grassroots) begins to openly revolt against the callousness of their Ketuas who are, for the majority, still greedily engaged with their snouts at the trough gouging what they can from their "cash is King" leader and from our country's coffers.

Most worrying for Najib Razak, the begging of organised revolt headed by the person who brought into existence the very Umno Baru that Najib is now president of, has begun. Tun Dr Mahathir with Najib's former deputy, Mahyuddin Yasin, with a host of senior opposition leaders headed by that irrepressible Lim Kit Siang are now all in alignment and agreement that Najib must go.

The last line of defence for Najib is no longer his cash pile that use to sit anonymously within his own personal bank account that used to be his to do as he that is no longer possible...not after the Sarawak Report so rudely exposed the presence of those billion of ringgits in the cash pile to the world at large.      

Today, if truth be told, Najib last line of defence is Zahid Hamidi....the man he elevated to be his deputy. From the time of Anwar Ibrahim, Zahid Hamidi has been the man who wanted to be King....and now that he is the Crown Prince. do you doubt that he will take from Najib Razak what he thinks is his...the Presidency of Umno?

All that is left now is for Zahid Hamidi to decide the moment when he will dismiss Najib Razak....and Rosmah or no Rosmah....that will be done by Zahid in the fullness of time. 

Saya, bersama dengan Tun Dr Mahathir, Lim Kit Siang, Mat Sabu, Mahyuddin, Anwar Ibrahim and all you ordinary mortals out there in Bolehland, shall await that moment impatiently. 

If I was Najib I would take whatever "graceful" exit offered by Zahid. If I was Rosmah....I will start packing.