Tuesday, 5 April 2016

JAWI : The Religious Bully Boys are at it again!

steadyaku47 comment : In a tale that is all too familiar, we read once again the bullying tactics of these religious hoons aka JAWI who mistakenly think that they are a law upon themselves and go around imposing their interpretations of Islam with impunity. 

And this they can do because their political masters have seen it fit to use Islam as one of their weapon of choice to intimidate, harass and bring into submission any Malaysians they consider deviant! 

The operative word here is "they consider deviant," for you see their political masters too consider themselves a law unto themselves - plundering and pillaging our nation at will under a leader - Najib Razak - who leads by example!

Here Siti Kasim writes about her experience of an encounter with these JAWI hoons recently. (with thanks to Sharmaine Das for the link)

Finally home after a night with JAWI hooligans. From my own personal experience last night, I am certain these people should be disbanded and obliterated from this country.
I was invited by the Trans community to attend their closed door dinner last night. We were just having dinner and watching a show by the community. At around 10ish suddenly I saw a group of JAWI enforcement people standing around at the back of the room without any police presence but with the media tagging along. I asked for their warrant for entering this closed door dinner. The Maknyahs were simply having dinner and doing a show as if it is a beauty contest and each of them pretended to represent a country of their choice.
Since when it is against the law to have a show during a dinner?

In any event, if according to the officer from JAWI, the reason they are there is because there was a complaint about a purportedly 'Beauty Contest' going on ... if they don't recognise these Maknyah as women, then what beauty contest are they talking about? I thought these fuckwas against beauty contest only apply to women huh? Also, please define what is a Beauty Contest? Are these so call contestants going to a Miss World representing the countries they were pretending to represent? It was a mere show you JAWI DUMBOS! It is for Charity Fund Raising!! 

They blocked all exits and held all of us prisoners in the ballroom. I told them they have no right to hold us prisoners in the room. They were certainly not happy with me and shouting match ensued. If they think they can shout at me, this bitch will shout back just as hard.
Eventually some police arrived after I called them but they seem as lost. Then they disappeared and most of the guests were allowed to leave but I was told by this JAWI officer that he want to arrest me and one Maknyah who was the hostess of the dinner. I asked him under what section is he arresting me and he quoted a section in the Penal Code. I told him only the police can arrest me and he has no right to do so. 

Eventually both of us were taken into the JAWI van and whilst walking to the van, one of the JAWI woman officer was pushing me from the back and I told her if she touched me again, I will sue the pants of her. She got irate and threatened to handcuffed me. I showed my hands and told her to go ahead but then they backed off. The media was snapping photos of us and told that piece of shit if they published the photo I will sue them. 

We were taken to the Police Station at Dang Wangi and the JAWI officers were lodging police report in which we don't know the content of it. I have also lodged a police report against them. When asked by my lawyer, Shashi Devan whether I am arrested, the JAWI officer got bees in his pants and shouted NO! Then, my question is why was I put in the van then? Why did he say at the Hotel that he is arresting me? 

Now, what is the purpose of their raid last night? What wrong have the Maknyah done? They were in a closed door function with dinner and a show. Just having a good time and enjoying themselves. No harm were done to anyone. This is simply a persecution by these religious authorities against the Maknyah community. Haven't they got better things to do? The way they were behaving were like hooligans, intimidating everyone with their high and mighty behaviour. 

They have taken one of the Maknyah to JAWI and holding her overnight for don't know what. When asked by the lawyers, they were defensive and there were loud verbal exchange at the police station. They have refused to allow the Maknyah to lodge a police report when it is her right to do so. 

They have failed to follow proper SOP. No police were present when they entered the premises. No warrant. They have acted like bullies.

Thank you to Shobah Veera, Shashi Devan, Dinesh Muthal, Azlan Razak for being there as lawyers who really fought for us. 

Thank you to Lyana Khairuddin, Hisham Hussein, Norhayati Kaprawi and Dobby from SUARAM and others that I don't know their names for being there to give moral support.
If they pursue this, rest assured we are not going to keep quiet and we will fight hard against any form of tyranny disguised under the name of religion.

Note : 

The above is a clip from the incident in the Renaissance Hotel with the JAWI enforcers. They came with the media and you can see the guy being thrown out by the team.
It is obvious they came to disrupt this fundraising event with the trans simply because they are transgenders and bringing the media to sensationalise the arrest. Is this Islamic behaviour? Now we know who is that person who videoed the incident and who he works for. 

When asked further under what offence have they committed, they kept saying for the 'Miss World' contest. I would not want to undermine their intelligence but if they cannot differentiate the difference between a show and real beauty contest, then they need to pray harder.
Stand up for your rights people. Do not allow anyone to bully you especially under the pretext of religion.