Monday, 4 April 2016

"Now we can make everyone believe they can fly cheaply"

As a tribute to the business ethics of Tony Fernandes, let me share with you how the ingenuity of AirAsia's reservation system ensures that you will end up paying even when you think you can avoid it.

I had booked a flight for my grandson and me to travel on AirAsia. I decided not to prebook the seats as I thought that surely the system would be programmed to allow passengers travelling together to be seated together.

When I later performed the web checkin, I found to my horror that we were given seats on different rows. I didn't want to be separated from my 6 year-old grandson, even though he had paid an adult fare. Fortunately, I was given the option to reselect my seat. When I clicked on it, I found that the seat next to the one allocated to my grandson was empty. So I changed my seat.

And guess what? AirAsia made me pay RM10 for refusing to accept the seat they allocated based on their ingenuity, not on common sense.

Robert K Chelliah
Robert K Chelliah Air Asia isn't all that passenger is extremely difficult to rectify a situation as they don't have face for is a virtual airline that sucks money
Padmini Pillai Whenever AirAsia advertises low priced seats or zero fare for a certain period, i have tried to book such a seat. not even a gazillion tries of a gazillion dates show me such seats being available! And we have to pay a fee for self book using credit card. Take MAS or fireflyz or malindo - the staff are courteous and make you really feel like everyone can fly

Kassim S.A.
Kassim S.A. Their tagline should read: "Now we can make everyone believe they can fly cheaply"