Wednesday, 6 April 2016

She is OK!

steadyaku47 comment : Let me share with you this exchange between me and Rafizi's wife this morning...she is OK! 

For all of you who read what I not....even for a moment...take your eyes off our focus : CHANGE...and it starts with the removal of Najib Razak from the office of Prime Minister of Malaysia. I repeat....CHANGE and it starts with the removal of Najib Razak from the Office of the Prime Minister of Malaysia!

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  • Hussein Abdul Hamid
    Hussein Abdul Hamid

    we are with you...we feel your pain...I can feel the anger of so many people by the manner they react to what I write about what happened to Rafizi matter what happens....WE ARE WITH YOU! Soon in the fullness of time we will talk about what happened yesterday to Rafizi and talk about it as one of the sacrifices he had to make for all of us! Be strong because we all need you to be strong and should you see him...tell him we care. Hugs from me and my family. Salam...
  • Fi-sha Fish
    Fi-sha Fish

    Salam Pak Hussein. Thank you for your supporting and comforting words. Personally i got teary eyed reading the words of support for him. We know this is our destiny. Please keep us in your prayers
  • Hussein Abdul Hamid
    Hussein Abdul Hamid

    Hidup perwira rakyat .
    Hidup pembela duit rakyat.

    Difahamkan Saudara Rafizi sekarang berada di Menara 238 Jln Tun Razak untuk diambil keterangan beramaran di bawah S113 Kanun Prosedur Jenayah. Rafizi will be taken for s117 remand application at 2pm at Putrajaya Majistret court..