Monday, 11 July 2016

Duterte & Jokowi....Doing what their people want them to do!

If you do drugs in the Philipines...YOU WILL DIE. That is what their President, Duterte, tells the drug lords in the Philipines. Duterte says he will also stop corruption in the Philippines because corruption and drugs are destroying his country. The Filipinos elected Duterte as their President because that have had enough with corruption and the abuse of political power for personal gain.

In Indonesia, Jokawi too is doing his work against corruption, against the abuse of political power for personal gain and against drugs that is killing so many Indonesians......!

These leaders elected to be head of their respective country by people who want them to do something about the things that are wrong in their country. We will know in the fullness of time whether their cakap is serupa to their bikin .....but you cannot fault their people for willing to try new leaders to bring in the changes that they want for their country.....and if it means trying out leaders like Duterte and Jokowi....why not?  

What of Malaysia?