Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Saudara Fauzi Rahman : Hello Mr Smart Man! How many mouths can you zip?

Hello Mr Smart Man! How many mouths can you zip?

When you dismantle PAC in a diplomatic way, how many of the PAC members and the staff that knew what it was all about.

When you retire off the Attorney General, how many officers of the AGC that was following the case.

When you remove the two most senior Special Branch officers of the Police Force, how many Police officers were involved in the investigation and knew what really happened.

When you cause ripple in Bank Negara, how many officers went through the reports and the outcome of BNM's investigation.

When you stir up SPRM, how many officers were entasked to investigate and knew the result of their investigation.

When you declare the Auditor General's report as National secret and put under OSA, how many of the auditors and government officers knew and have read the report.

How many typists, clerks blah blah blah that were assigned to type, copy and keep the records.

And in The PMO, how many of them have had an exposure of 'documents' that are secret.

How many mouths can you stitch. Out of hundreds, do you really think that none will spill the beans?

Come clean and you will be safer though still not safe enough.