Tuesday, 12 July 2016

So saudara Zahid....when?

I woke up this morning with little sleep....restless with thoughts of what was happening 3000KM away in K Hell. But it was not a restlessness that sapped away my energy...and God knows that at 69 years of age, there is not that much energy left within me that can be sapped away. 

It is a restlessness within me that wanted to know what others in K Hell were thinking, discussing, debating and, more critical, doing, to bring about the ends days of those despicable couple residing in Seri Perdana sooner rather than later.

It is a restlessness that I felt within me to want to know what has happened while I slept....such is the speed of things happening in the recent past, that at times, even with the ability to know in real time what is happening in K Hell....I still worry that I will miss out on happenings.

Why should I worry? 

I worry that I will not be able to max my own efforts from down under towards the efforts of all our people back home to make change happen. For I know that every effort, even if it was to raise that little finger of yours to those criminal elites within BN, is necessary if we are to achieve our matalamat of riding our nation of the most corrupt prime minister ever!

Within Umno, Zahid's sahabats are already sharpening their parangs and making ready for what they know will come : The time when Umn will have to abandon Najib if it wants to survive Najib's fall from grace. 

For sure Zahid is well place to be PM but his position is not secured - not unless he can move himself away from Najib at the same time as others in Umno has had enough of Najib....and  there is no better way for Zahid to  know that precise moment than to trigger that moment himself! 

So saudara Zahid....bila lagi.....when?