Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Shutterstock Inc : Samuel Ho : Calling people Thieves!

Samuel Ho

Adoi! This person want to write a blog but don't want to pay for the image used!
Contemptuous for a thief to call another robber!
The Shutterstock watermark is directly in the image he use!

steadyaku47 comment : I received the above comment from a Samuel Ho re my posting "So saudara Zahid....when?

Samuel calls me a "thief" because I have used a "Shutterstock" image and that I did not want to pay for the use of that image.

I did click on Samuel Ho link and it did take me to a site that says that he does work for "Shutterstock Inc". 


I have never met Samuel Ho.  

I do not know if he has ever visited this blog before.......but I can tell you that I am not a thief. 

What I put in my blog I put into the public domain and anyone is welcome to make use of it as they think fit...even if they use it to hantam me. 

If I know that I have to pay someone to use that image that you say belongs to "Shutterstock" you can be rest assured that I will be happy to pay for not, because of my ignorance of what you want me to not call me a thief.     

I do not know his position within Shutterstock - for all I know he might be the owner of Shutterstock.....but this I can tell Shutterstock: This Samuel Ho guy who works for Shutterstock Inc should not go around calling anybody a thief without first telling that individual what he or she has done to merit Samuel Ho calling that individual a thief. 

I will take that Shutterstock Inc Image down from my site immedeitly....but I would like those that read what I write to know that this Samuel Ho from Shutterstock Inc should not go around calling anybody a is not the decent and responsible thing to. 

On my part I apologize for using that Shutterstock image without paying for mistake. A mistake that will not happen again.   

P.S. ....and yes Samuel Ho....I have sent a link to Shutterstock Inc re the above matter so that they understand that no one from Shutterstock Inc should go around calling any one a thief without first making sure that someone knows what he or she has done to deserve being called a thief! ....And Fuck You Samuel!