Sunday, 3 July 2016

These is how they keep the Political Bastards honest in Australia! The Australian Federal election.

5.59 AM Sunday morning. Melbourne: The Australian elections is over. It is now the morning after and we still do not have a winner as the election is too close to call. The headlines in the Sydney Morning Herald says it all : 

Australian federal election 2016:Voters walk away from Malcolm Turnbull, results on knife's edge. 

Malcolm Turnbull's audacious double dissolution gamble looked to have backfired spectacularly on Saturday night as voters walked away from the first-term Coalition government in droves, raising the chances of another hung parliament and turmoil in Coalition ranks.

Mr Turnbull's failure to secure a strong majority from voters represents a significant boost for Labor leader Bill Shorten, who campaigned strongly on the party's traditional strengths of health and education, ran a fierce scare campaign about privatising Medicare and advanced an ambitious plan to cut negative gearing and capital gains tax concessions.

Australian voters used the July 2 poll to deliver the rookie Prime Minister a stinging rebuke, with Liberal seats falling across the country and slashing government's 90 seats in the 150 member lower house.

At the end of a dramatic night as the government's fortunes appeared to slide sideways, Mr Turnbull waited until after midnight to appear declaring the Coalition was set to form majority government in the next parliament, while cautioning that voters would not know the final result until postal votes were counted on Tuesday.

It will be days, Tuesday at the earliest, before we know whether the Coalition or Labor will form government. 

Win or lose, there are already calls for the incumbent Prime Minister to resign because the results of the elections so far have indicated that the Australian electorate have walked away from the government he led - and if previous elections are any indication of what will happen, Malcom Turnball will lose the leadership of his party and his party will chose another leader to replace him. 

No dramas....nobody appealing for Malcolm Turnbull to stay on as leader of his big deal....Malcolm Turnbull is responsible for the bad performance of his Coalition government - he takes responsibility and resigns.

This is what Malcolm Turnbull had to say last night :


And this is what the opposition leader, Bill Shorten, said last night just before midnight...."Labor is Back."

This is what election in Australia is all about. When all is said and done by all the political entities in the country, it is the people who decides who will form government. The transparency of the electoral process is such that every one knows that the electorates and the candidates have been given a "fair go all around" - a fair and open electoral process that Australians take for granted.  

That is how the Australians electorates keep their "political bastards" honest!  

If their elected representatives do not perform during their time in parliament - they will lose the votes of those who had elected him to office.....even if he is the prime minister - as John Howard found out in the 2007 federal election when he lost his own seat at the elections and his government was defeated by the Labor party led by Kevin Rudd. 

While the results of the just concluded federal election is still being tabulated......Australia and Australian everywhere go on with their life without missing a heartbeat. Is that not what a democracy is all about? Politics is just one facet of life is not the be all and end all of life.....and thank God for that!