Friday, 4 November 2016

Laughter : Mao Tak Mao

Kassim S.A.
I suppose China had no choice but to also award Che Mah Che Chot with some kind of a title.So, they finally came up with one.She will be henceforth known as :
 Mao Tak Mao
steadyaku47 comment :  aka (also known as) 
The Flying Hippo!

Orang Lain pon MAO comment:
Vincent Cheong Kam Weng
Vincent Cheong Kam Weng I think the correct tittle should be Suma Mao! Beg Mao. Rumah Mao. Harta Mao. Pangkat Mao. Jet Mao. Suma Mao

Rasid Ghazali
Rasid Ghazali It's Mao Hu Tang

Joseph Kong
Joseph Kong Gua Mao Mao