Tuesday, 15 November 2016

PSA : Fire Prevention and Awareness.

Someone attended a talk on 'Fire prevention & awareness talk ' by a private co .
Points learned:

  • Never charge phone while asleep . Do it when u are awake . If it explode's you can save yourself and family members . 

  • Charge with glass top facing down , battery side up to release heat .

  • Never , never play or talk while phone is charging! Will explode! 

  • When hp is hot, do not use . Our phone today too smart - current still going on . Using Wifi - battery very hot.

  • Men - never, never put your hp between your legs while driving - the high incidences of prostate cancer is alarming today. 

  • Ladies , never never put hp on your skirt or thighs while driving - you will get female organs cancer & today these cases are up! 

  • Never put power bank in your pocket - will explode. 

  • Max charge 3 hrs - take off . Hp max charge 4 hrs - off it. 

  • Hp & power bank must put separately, never put on top of each other - because heat increase - will explode.

  • Laptop never, never put in bed - the heat - very fast smoke, then fire. 

  • Don't put perfume bottles / lighter in car - will explode . Our beautiful pandan leaves give the best results.