Friday, 18 November 2016

So how Encik Ong Kok Heng...will you be attending the rally on Saturday?

Ong Kok Heng
Ong Kok Heng : Actually to every Malaysian or almost want a better lives. But I think Bersih 5 is only for urban people. Those in the rural areas are fed with TV3 and Utusan Malaysia. The strength of BN always concentrate in the rural areas. Having a massive rally in KL do not much affect the outcome. From now to PRU14 it must go to the rural areas and convince them to change this corrupted Government otherwise it is still wishful dream of never ever fulfill. Only my personal opinion. Change should come from the rural areas.

R HC Leong
R HC LeongI think Bersih is aware of that, which was why there were the convoys visiting the various towns and villages. Instead of being an armchair critic, hope you will attend the rally on Saturday, to show strength in numbers.
steadyaku47 comment : So how Encik Ong Kok Heng...will you be at the Bersih 5 rally tomorrow?