Sunday, 13 November 2016

Why are you prime minister Najib?

My Dear Saudara Najib Razak,

Every day, in many ways, I am trying to make some sense of how someone like you is now, in fact, and in reality, the prime minister of my country.

I know that that the late Karpal Singh, Aruah Tok Guru Nik Aziz, and Lim Kit Siang are all  better men than you. I am certain that Anwar Ibrahim is not only a better finance minister but if given the opportunity, will surely be a better prime minister than you. There are at least a dozen politicians that I personally know who have demonstrated by their action and their deeds that they are more deserving of being prime minister than you.....and there is even an Oxford graduate in your cabinet who thinks he is better than you....and yet none of them is the prime minister of my are!

I know that corruption and arrogance are now drowning Umno in its own filth and shit. I know that Umno leaders no longer care for the party, for its members or for the Malays because the culture of kebendaan and the greed that it breeds, has totally consigned them all to that odious cesspool of "vested interests" in everything that they do. And as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow, I know that it is not if, but when, Umno will finally drown in all these I know what has to be done not only to save Umno.....and yet I am not it's president, are!

Malaysian everywhere have read enough about 1MDB, that 2,6 billion donation, the manipulation of Felda, Tabung Haji, EPF and so many public entities for the personal financial gain of Umno and BN leaders...and we know that this is the cause of the malaise our nation, our economy and our future are being burdened with....but even though we know all this and we know what has to be done to make things right....none of us are in a position to do anything about it because we are not in government, nor are we it's are!

As a Malay I know our weaknesses, our strengths and the vast untapped resources that lie dormant within our psyche and the inner resolve that beats within our hearts that will enable us to be at par, if not better than the others who also call Malaysia their home....but even as I know this and want to do something about it....I am not the avowed champion and leader of the are!

All this and more we Malaysians know and are still counting the many ways that we are better than you, smarter than you in almost anything than we do in life, in our community, and for our country...and yet none of us is prime minister of this are.

So tell me Najib how come one of us is not the prime minister but you are?

Any of us would have the common sense to not marry a wife like Kak Rosmah...fool around with her maybe, but marry "NO!"....and if in error we have married her....we would still be able to beat some sense into her egoistic self and if having failed to do so.....we would not hesitate to rid ourselves of someone like her....but pray tell us Najib why did you not only put up with her but also allow her to wear the trousers in the house?

Anyone receiving a donation of RM2.6 billion would call it anything else but a "donation". And to this day I am still wondering how come you are stupid enough to think that you will not be found out for having deposited that amount of money in your own private bank account....but then we are not the one receiving that " did!

As for must be some kind of a retard to think that you and your cohorts can scam the nation out of billions of ringgits and not get found out!

These are but just some of the instances that made me go "hmmmm" come I know all this and Najib who is the prime minister, does not?

So please....can someone tell me why I am not the prime minister and Najib Razak is?