Friday, 3 February 2017

Life with my Wife.

steadyaku47 comment : For all you oldies...this song must bring so many good memories. My wife is 72 this year. Dememntia has taken away from her the ability to speak and do most things for herself for almost two years now.......but not to worry.....we, my son and me, are here to care for her. And music...the oldies...still makes her smile. This song is her favourite. I will put on this song and watch her....she smiles as she remembers the tune and when it comes to the "Why must I be a Teenager in Love" bit...she will try to sing along....or at least "mouth" the words.....and this makes me smile and glad all over. Life is good when you can still share good times with your wife.    

And for those who have love ones with dementia...try music. It soothes the soul and bring back good memories for them and for you too.