Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Now that Ketuanan Melayu and Islam can no longer guarantee the political survival of Umno and Najib Razak because their robbing, plundering, stealing, scamming and swindling of our national coffers have gone into the billions, what is left for them to sell but the sovereignty of our nation to China!

I have kept watched with increasing concern over these last few decades that I have been away from Malaysia, and more so while I was residing in Bangsar,....watched with increasing concern, the manner by which Malay leaders in Umno have taken our nation, our people and our future, down the road of serving their self interest and ensuring their self preservation amidst an abundance of self denial that reeks of hubris.... hubris and self denial of what our nation shall eventually be reduced to at the end of their term in government. And I say at the end of Umno's term in government because the way that Umno leaders has been doing government can only have one result fait accompli

self destruction.

Let me explain.

First Umno mooted the idea of ketuanan Melayu that would make the Malays into Bumiputra. Making the Malays the first among equals among all Malaysians, whatever the rationality behind that brilliant political ploy - valid or otherwise - gave Umno leaders carte blanche  - complete freedom  - to rob, plunder, steal, scam, swindle, legally and illegally our nation's then considerable coffers ostensibly for the Malays, but in truth, it was to line up their own deep pockets. 

Much can be said about the success and failures of the "Bumiputra" butsuffice to say that it has made the Malays beholden to Umno and the Malay votes has kept Umno in government for six decades. In the process it has made many many Umno leaders, their families, sahabats and acquaintances insanely wealthy at the expense of the Malays, other Malaysians and the nation coffers. 

What it has done to many Malays is to make a once graceful, polite, respectful race into one that now spews hatred for Chinese,Indians, Christians and anything that remotely threatens Umno's hold on political power. 

But more worrying for Umno, too many Bumiputras have now seen through Umno's sandiwara in the implementation of Ketuanan Melayu. Malays have seen that Ketuanan Melayu has profited Umno leaders more than it has profitted the Malays  - and they have deserted Umno in droves. In numbers large enough to make Umno understand that they must now seek another avenue to bolster their waning attraction among the Malays/Muslims.

Next Umno brought religion into the equation. Islam became the weapon of choice for Umno to bring PAS and other religious zealots on side (albeit temporarily) and to keep any wavering Muslims on side and recruit even more Malays onto their side. JAKIM, JAWI,the Halal and non-Halal argument, Muftis and various other Religious authorities and entities were used wily nilly to advance Umno political agenda. After a while this too lost its appeal to many Malays as politics and religion became prop for the other.

And now that the concept of Ketuanan Melayu and Islam are no longer tenable  and unable to guarantee the political survival of Umno and its president Najib Razak because their robbing, plundering, stealing, scamming and swindling of our national coffers have gone into the billions, what is left to sell but the sovereignty of our nation!      

And this is what Najib and Umno are doing with China today. For profits/dedak and for political expediency Najib Razak has declared China as a strategic partner and a true friend. of Malaysia. At the rate this Umno led BN government is driving it's economic "partnership" with China, China is now on the verge of controlling our politics and our economy!

How so?

Politically, MCA is looking at China to bolster its sagging misfortunes with the Chinese electorates that has already abandon MCA for DAP....but at what price? Your guess is as good as mine, but to have MCA beholden to China for its political resurrection augers ill not only for the Chinese but also for our nation. In the process, MCA leaders are not above raking in what "economic" benefits it could harvest from any business opportunities with China.     

Economically, Umno is hailing China as a true friend and has embarked on numerous "business" ventures that will, in the near future, allow China to acquire the ability to manipulate our economy.     

Remember what Tun Razak thought of China?

"Tun Razak sendiri, arkitek perhubungan kita dengan China, menyedari bahaya ini dan berusaha membantu membina rangka kerja – Asean, Zon Aman Bebas dan Berkecuali, Zon Bebas Nuklear Asia Tenggara, Aturan Pertahanan Lima dan susunan pertahanan longgar dengan AS – untuk mengurangkan apa jua cita-cita China. Malah kemasukan Vietnam, Kemboja, Laos dan Myanmar dalam Asean didasarkan kalkulus yang sama. Ini merupakan pendekatan yang berakal memandangkan kedudukan, kuasa dan cita-cita China". Dennis Ignatius   

Is Najib not selling the sovereignty of our Nation? Enough said! 


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