Monday, 6 February 2017

Virtual Politics. Virtual Government. But a hell of a lot of Real Idiots!

I cannot pinpoint the exact moment when some "consultant"/ "adviser" or whatever you call those guys smart enough to get themselves appointed as consultant or advisers to Najib for a tidy sum of money, stumbled upon "virtual politics" which has since been developed by Najib and his Barisan National cohorts into the fine art of "virtual government"......but you can bet your dua kupang that Najib and Barisan Nasional must have thanked the heavens for such a "durian runtuh!

However....the downside of "virtual politics or virtual government" is that it makes idiots out of those who chose to do "virtual government"...if not sooner then later - when the rakyat finds out the truth of what they say!

What is virtual politics?

And soon it makes an idiot out of this Ahmad Maslan...which is not hard to do when he is already an idiot to start with!

Another instance of "Virtual Politics".... Taib laughed all the way to the bank and Zahid is still waiting his turn at taking over from the mother of all idiots in Putrajya.

This is the classic of virtual politics done by the "mother" of virtual politicians!

One last instance of Virtual Politics. What is interesting about this next one is that the guy doing the virtual politics is also a virtual Tunku! I do not have to tell you what the powers that be in Penang thought of his "virtual offer".....they virtually told him to kiss that part of Guan Eng where the sun does not shine! 
He said making Penang a federal territory would provide for equitable development and care for the Malays in that state, besides making home ownership affordable for Malays there.

They can't control housing prices the way BN has done it, so Malays are…

And of course for the finale...