Friday, 12 May 2017

cakap cakap...growing old.

steadyaku47 comment : 

These last months have been physically debilitating for me. My mind works okay...but physical pain had been almost a daily grind for the last month. My gout is manageable my hernia is not but it is the onset of constant physical pain and tiredness that has caused me to take time off from blogging. Again I am having my blood tested, did another ECG to make sure that the heart is still ticking away on cue and a general check up by the GP has yet to yield anything out of the ordinary....but for me old age is now my constant companion.

Today....well tonight actually...after brain is so backed up with things waiting to be written that I made myself a bloody strong cup of Nescafe....and sat myself down in front of my Mac and told myself....write!

Easier said then done.

Write about what? That  rosmah's credit at Hermes and the other branded outlets and places where she spend millions of our 1MDB's money on herself, have now decided that her credit is no longer good at their outlet. So what? Damm the is king! And cash she and najib has plenty of. Our cash!

Write about rosmah's trip to London? What for? If I am in London I could possibly do something to embarrass and harass her anywhere and everywhere she goes....but I am not in London!

Write about Bandar Malaysia? Another project, another avenue for dedak to flow into their bloody coffers and another reason for the Attorney General and that tweet of a PIG from PDRM, to look the other way. What else can I add to that?

It is all becoming a blur to me. Maybe the pain I am now going through is causing me to lose the ability to keep track of each developing scam, each recurring scandal and each boundary broken through by najib in his desperate quest to hold on to government. Maybe I am getting old and confused. Maybe.  

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