Wednesday, 3 May 2017

steadyaku47 comment : I got my 14 millionth click this week...and this came out in MT....from writing the news I have now become the "NEWS"....ahh such is life. For starters I live in Melbourne....NOT Brisbane. Enough said.


May 3, 2017
The Third Force
The lady who sits next to you in an otherwise empty theatre, Clare Rewcastle Brown, has done it again. This time around, the Chief Editor of Malaysia’s number one fake news portal, Sarawak Report, got another one of her proxies to take a swipe at me for an article that hit the web last Monday, the 1st of May 2017.
The article, Clare is pissed Mahathir has not paid her the promised RM30 million (READ HERE), revolves around a settlement agreement 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) entered with the International Petroleum Investment Company (IPIC), an energy investment firm wholly owned by the government of Abu Dhabi. It tells the story of how a group of wealthy elitists conspired with Emirati conmen to sabotage the Malaysian fund, and how that conspiracy put a spoke in relations between Ms. Rewcastle and former Malaysian premier Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad.
The article, the 14th in what is now an open series dedicated to laying bare a global elitist complicity against Southeast Asian economies, was written by me and published on Malaysia Today. Late in the evening yesterday, I got a message from my deep throat in the United States (US), saying, “Ms. Rewcastle seems infuriated beyond words or reason.” An hour later, I was told by another contact, this time, from the United Kingdom (UK), to check out an internet posting that seemed dedicated to taking the piss out of me.
This dude is taking the mickey out of you, and we got nothing,” said the contact, a whistleblower from a British intelligence agency.
Clicking on a link forwarded to me, it became apparent that a certain ‘foreign Malay’ wasn’t too pleased with my 14-part series. Then, a quick check with a very reliable source – someone who seems to know what everyone does every summer – revealed that this gentleman, Hussein Hamid, is a Malaysian living in Brisbane, Australia. As it turns out, Hussein is another one of Ms. Rewcastle’s proxies, much like the guys at Malaysia Chronicle (Tian Chua run) and Asia Sentinel(John Berthelsen run), guys who religiously feature her Pinocchio themed twaddle and fairy tales.
Further checks revealed that this Hussein fellow was once the classmate of jailed opposition leader Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim, a man some refer to as the sodomite extraordinaire, or simply, al-juburi(not that I have anything against gays, no). Just to give you a heads up, Hussein is the cousin of Datin Seri Endon Mahmood, the late wife of Tun Abdullah Haji Ahmad Badawi, Malaysia’s fifth Prime Minister. He (Hussein) was once funded by the current Managing Director (MD) of Free Malaysia Today (FMT), Nelson Fernandez.
Sometime in 1961, Anwar is said to have engaged in sexual intercourse ‘against the order of nature’ with this Hussein fellow, though it isn’t clear to me if the act was consensual or otherwise. What was made clear to me, is that this Hussein fellow was sodomised, meaning, Anwar had buggered this fellow while the two of them were yet in their teens.
Let me rephrase that.
At the raw age of 14, the then underage Hussein was either forced or coerced into a romp of sorts by Anwar, who ‘took a jab at him’ for reasons you need to ask the man of the hour himself. The idea that Hussein may have been forcibly sodomised stems from revelations that Hussein had planned to make public the ‘abuse’ but was talked out of it by Nelson.
Yes, Nelson, the very guy who runs FMT, possibly using the 12 million Dato’ John Soh Chee Wen channeled the portal between the years 2009 and 2014. And these are the very funds Nelson used to pay Hussein, along with the guy who is up many nights Googling “why can’t Dato’ Nik be the Prime Minister instead of Najib,” Aspan Alias.
Take it from me, Hussein – you picked the wrong guy to mess with.
If you’re reading this – and I bet you are – you made a terrible mistake. Never ever mess with The Third Force. I fear no bullet, no sword, no might other than the might of justice. Villains like you come in droves and are easy to spot. Your twirling moustaches, your sinister grins – I can see you coming from a mile away. Even the well camouflaged – those who clothe themselves in good deeds – never escape my wrath. So what more a dirty rotten scoundrel like you?
Let’s get into this battle together, shall we – you, me and Anwar. Let the world know if it is true you were sodomised by the guy they call al-juburi, that you are paid RM1,000 per article to demonise Najib. Go on, tell Malaysians I’m lying, that your site does not mirror Sarawak Report and Malaysia Chronicle. Tell Malaysians that you did not confide in Nelson the ‘abuse’ you suffered at Anwar’s hands, or are not in cahoots with Din Merican to blacken Najib’s name.
After all, you seemed so sure that the headline of my article was a ‘clickbait’, that my series dedicated to exposing a global elitist agenda was nothing more than “highly paid dedak drivel.” I am paid to write, you say, which probably means I am a very rich fellow. That is what you’re saying, is it not?
If it is, let’s play a game then. You get your sweet ass back here in Malaysia, and both of us declare our assets. Let the authorities ‘discover’ the ‘dedak’ in my account and dig out the sugar and spice from yours. What say you, Hussein? Are you man enough to accept my challenge? And tell us why you became anti-Pak Lah and condemned Khairy Jamaluddin? Was it not because you asked for some contracts but after Endon died they ignored you and cut you out of the loop? And yet you dare accuse others of makan dedak?
Or are you the blardy *$&%*# I think you are?? I mean, you expect Malaysians to take you seriously when you subscribe to portals such as Malaysia Chronicle to get your daily political fix? You want me to furnish you – of all people – with evidence of the IPIC’s wrongdoing, when all you do is latch on to the coattails of people like Nelson, whose blardy reporter tends to share skewed reports of Zakir Naik, stuff he knows nothing about, while another is bonking Zairil Khir Johari?
Care to take me to task for that statement, Nelson?
Damn! Because of you bigots, I am forced to postpone the Thursday release of part 15 to Friday. All because of a blardy @@#%$*% who is said to have been sodomised by the man they call al-juburi!!

steadyaku47 comment : for me declaring my assets....I have been living on my pension for the past two years. I live with my wife who has advanced temporal dementia in a government subsidized apartment complex (every tenant must earn BELOW the minimum average wage to qualify - and in Australia any dickhead will know that you cannot cheat the government!) and about the only property I have is a 20 year old Mercedes 200....and when in dire financial need, I ask for donations from those who read what I write...and so far they have not let me down. End of story.