Thursday, 8 February 2018

Nordin Md Zain

Nordin Md Zain
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Bravo this dude again.Barking from Australia.If you have enough balls come back home dude.We have not forgotten your kurang ajar on our Sultan Selangor.

I received the above comment on one of my postings. I would like to response to Nordin's comments about me and the Sultan of Selangor. 
Saudara Nordin I do not know who you are and I don't really care. I do not bark from Australia. Everyday, I write about the goings on in K Hell. To date almost 19 million Malaysians have read what I write in my blog. I do so because even from 6000 kilometres away in Melbourne I cannot be quiet when I see corrupt Malays leaders take for themselves what should really be for other Malays. And the one doing so is not any Malay ...this is the son of a former prime minister! Now if a Malay of his background can do this to other Malays I think you too should start to be be concerned for it augers ill for our race what more for our country. 
Do I have enough balls to go back to K Hell? Let me tell you this takes courage to leave my country of birth to migrate to another country that I have never ever been to before...Australia. It takes more courage to do so when I am penniless, with a daughter and a wife pregnant with another and not knowing a soul when I landed in Perth. So really going back to KL is a breeze. And if you are wondering...I am still a Malaysian citizen and when the time is right I will come back to Malaysia and look for Malays like you and you will be able to tell me to my face what you will do to me. No problems. 
As for Idris of Selangor, he is also my Sultan because I was born in Segambut. Siapa yang kurang ajar? He is the head of Islam in Selangor and he fornicates outside the bonds of marriage?If you want to sembah a Sultan like him...go me dia yang kurang ajar...and don't let me start on his son the raja muda...he fucks around to! There are many other things I can write about this Idris but I know that Ladies and young people do also read what I write and what this Idris does with his life should not be discussed in polite company. 
I hope you will not take umbrage at what I am going to say about you...but next time before you make those kind of find out a bit about me and make an informed decision as to whether I bark or I write...and do also make some inquiry about what this Idris...your up to while he is the Sultan. When you have done so I think you will be of the opinion that this is a Sultan who you might not want to claim to be your own. I would prefer to tell you to piss off but that would be rude of I will instead say...Salam.

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