Friday, 9 March 2018

cakap cakap...Courage is sadly lacking in Najib Razak.

Today will be a good day for me. I have told myself to have a good day and I always listen to myself better then I listen to others. So how not to have a good day?
Like some of you, last night I watched, for a while until I fell asleep, the launching of PH Manifesto for PRU14. Watching something happening in KL in real time still fills me with wonder and awe. Wonder because we are no longer separated by the tyranny of distance...and awe because I am there with you guys participating in an event that could herald a new dawn, a new beginning and a new era for our country, our people and our future. That at last we may be able to give to those that comes after us, an opportunity to make great again, a Malaysia now devastated by greed and corruption.
If only we could get the two antagonists...Mahathir and Najib debate on the same stage ..... and then answering questions from the floor...and all this watched by all Malaysian all over the world in real time. If only!
Courage is sadly lacking in Najib Razak. Courage to meet his challenger for the office of prime minister. Courage to face the public and explain what he has done wrong in the name of government. Courage to admit his mistakes. Courage to be a good son, a responsible father and even courage to face his wife.
What he lacks in courage he more then makes up for in empty bravado and pathetic attempts at chest pumping.
We see through all that bravado. We see through all that the Bugis Warrior tells us he will do if, as he says, anyone dares to challenge him. 
Huh! Woi Idiot...go stand on the same stage with Tun Dr Mahathir...yes the same 92 year old man you say is past his prime and is now nyanyok! Stand on the same stage and debate Tun Mahathir....and if you do, we will grant you permission to have Mrs Idiot by your side, on the same stage, lest you need her skirt to hide behind! 

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