Thursday, 8 March 2018

Equanimity, Jho Low, Do Won Chang and Mahathir.

Selamat Pagi...let us start this morning with this post that Syed sent me. First read through it, read the comment by Syed and then my reply to Syed. And at the end of it all is my further comment to wrap things up.

Account Twitter kelab peminat kapal layar besar, TheSuperYatchFan mengesahkan bahawa kapal layar The Equanimity yang dikaitkan dengan jutawan Jho Low sebenarnya adalah milik jutawan fesyen berasal dari China, Do Won Chang. Ini sudah tentu satu malu yang amat besar pernah dialami oleh Mahathir. Mahathir sibuk menjaja cerita konon kapal itu adalah milik Jho Low bila ia sebenarnya milik jutawan dari China.
Mana Mahathir mahu letak muka sekarang, berlindung di belakang buntut kudakah? Sudah kita katakan bahawa Mahathir ini adalah penipu besar. Dia menipu tentang RM 42 billion wang 1MDB yang hilang dan dia juga menipu konon The Equanimity adalah milik Jho Low bila hakikatnya kapal itu bukan milik beliau. Sampai masanya Jho Low pulang ke Malaysia dan menyaman Mahathir sampai tinggal seluar dalam. Lagipun pilihanraya dah nak dekat, inilah masa yang paling sesuai untuk menyaman tua kutuk umur 93 tahun ini.

#antifitnah : comment from Syed Mohamed Idid.
One of my fb idiots sent me this story. I didn't comment.

steadyaku47 comment : Why should you comment on trash? Do you not think that the Indonesian government and the FBI would have done their homework before they acted?

Wrap up : Yes there is a billionaire by the name of Do Won Chang in China. Yes there is a 93 year old Tun Dr Mahathir. Yes there is Equanimity and a fatty fatty boom boom call Jho Low and here is the bottom line....fake stories made up by people who are paid to do so and have vested personal interests to promote, do not understand the dynamics of how news are written, transmitted, read and digested.
So let me explain. 
Syed is in Malaysia. He sent it to me in Melbourne at 6.53 am this morning. I read it at 7.45 am. By 7.50 am, through Google, I know who Do Won Chang is. And I know he does not own Equanimity. 
Do Won Chang and Jin Sook Chang have two children, and live in Beverly Hills, California. They are Christians, which is why "John 3:16" is on the bottom of every bag they sell. And what is John 3:16 : "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life" The Changs have donated money to churches and faith groups, and Do Won travels to perform missionary work
People like the Chang do not spend their hard earned money buying RM 1 billion Yachts nor do they associate with people like Joh Low.
And I would rather believe that the FBI have done their homework before they asked the Indonesian government for assist to seize the Yacht. And that is why I told Syed that he did the right thing by ignoring the story. Me? I have to write this long article to highlight the extent people go to try and confuse us and promote their own personal agenda. Amen

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