Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Everything else will pass.

Everything that I have been taught from the time I could listen and understand ....from the earliest of time when my parents started to tell me to listen to what they say....everything is changing. For sure everything must pass...and at times when you do not change as time passes you will be left behind....but even as I ponder upon all this...I know that there are things I do not want to change. 

I do not want my parents to leave me at any time of my life. I want my wife, my children and those people that I love and care also not leave me. And there are many things I wish would not change. ...but too many things will change no matter what I wish for. And if I am not strong enough to go to another day ...I will start to fall apart. 

I know my parents will never come back again...and the thought of not having them around me fills me with sadness...and with all my heart I miss them. I have not seem my daughter for almost a decade for she lives, with her family, in Canada....much too far away for us to afford to visit each other. And when I do not see her...I also do not see my granddaughters. Them too I miss so much...and all this I am now thinking of, early this Wednesday morning.

Sometimes this is how I start my day. It is 6.39am early Wednesday morning. I allow my mind to go where ever it wants to go....and it wants to go to the thing that tugs at my heart parents, my wife, my two children and my grand daughters....but even as my heart is heavy with the sadness of not having my parents any more and with having my daughter and her family so far away from heart also sings with the joy of having had my parents in my life...and knowing that my daughter and her family, although far away, are still in my son and dear wife are still with me and near me. For all this I am grateful. And so life goes on. I will not fall apart. I will be strong and I will give thanks for all that I have today. Hallelujah!

When my wife was still herself almost a decade ago as she was about to leave for Canada to see our daughter and family.

But this I know of long as those you love are still with you, all will be well. Everything else will pass. 

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