Wednesday, 7 March 2018

The Indonesians are upset.

An online media in Bolehland has said "'Penyiasat Indonesia menjumpai 1 Billion Ringgit Tersimpan Rapi di Kapal Jo Lo. Siap Berbalut Kertas Hadiah. Untuk siapa ya, Pak?'.......essentially accusing the Indonesian authorities involved in the seizure of Equanimity of taking One Billion Ringgit they found on Jho Low's yacht. 

This BN government can block Malaysians from reading my blog but they cannot block news that could potentially erupt into a G to G diplomatic row between Malaysia and Indonesia from coming out into the public domain?

Dato Dr Fauzi Mohamad, a Malaysian Businessman residing in Jakarta, had taken the initiative to alert me of the impending problems that might arise from this scurrilous accusation that One Billion Ringgit had been stolen from Jho Low yacht by the Indonesian Authorities. He has asked that the Malaysian Authorities take immediate steps to extend an apology - G to G - to the Indonesian Government for what has happened and censure the publication in question and have the offending fake news item withdrawn. 

I sokong Dato Dr Fauzi's initiative and hope that this umno led BN government would have enough sense to do what needs to be done to placate the Indonesians before this matter goes any further!

We have seen how quickly the Indonesians can be "organised" to vent their anger on any real or perceived insult by any one or by any country against the Maruah of their people and their Nation. 

Let us see what has to happen before the authorities in Malaysia acts.

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