Wednesday, 7 March 2018

OutSyed The Box : Mr CID Chief, Apa lu ingat kita semua bodoh kah? Some Strange Points About That CID Chief And His Money In Australia.

OutSyed The Box
Wednesday, March 7, 2018

1. Firstly since he does not wish to claim back his money (about RM900,000??) from the Australian prosecutor on the excuse that the legal costs (of going to Court in Australia) may be more than the amount of RM900,000 then may I suggest that he assign away that money to some other people? 
(I may know some mamak moneychangers who can assist in this matter). But of course there will be some "con"-sultan fees involved. Mamak boleh pusing satu dunia not based on charity alone. 
I am positive the legal costs to recover that money will be much, much less than RM900,000. 
Also, if the CID Boss has not done any wrong, then he will win the case and the Australian Court will not only refund ALL HIS MONEY but they will also award him full legal costs plus they may also award him some damages. 
Maybe he can get another RM1 million in damages from the Australian government !!
2. But here is the first question. There are hundreds of thousands of foreign students studying in Australia. Do all the parents of foreign students studying in Australia send money to pay university fees for their children through "54 separate deposits from FIVE different states inside Australia"? So what is so special about your case? Apa lu ingat kita semua bodoh kah?
3. University fees in Australia are indeed expensive. A medical degree in Australia may cost more than RM1.0 million. Maybe RM2.0 million. 
So how many bank accounts of any parents (local or foreigners) has the Australian government seized or frozen who are simply using their bank accounts to pay university fees for their children studying in Australia?
4. If the Australian government harrasses, seizes money or freezes the bank accounts of foreign parents who genuinely wish to pay the university fees of their children studying in Australia, then how are the parents of foreign students in Australia going to send money to their children at all ?
5. All over the world, many parents sell their houses and assets to fund their childrens' education overseas, including in Australia. The Australians do not classify that as money laundering. 
The question is why do the Australians classify your case (of selling your house and remitting the sales proceeds) as money laundering AND THEN SEIZE your money? 
Why? Why? Why? 
What is so special about your case? 
Apa pasai, duit hang bau taik kah?
Your money smells of shit so badly that they had to freeze your account, seize your money and clean your money with detergent ?
Apa lu ingat kita semua bodoh kah?

7. Why did the CID chief go ALL THE WAY TO AUSTRALIA TO open an account in Australia, ALL BY HIMSELF, in his own name just to pay for his son's university fees. 
Apa lu ingat kita semua bodoh kah?
Just ask your son to open a bank account in Australia and you can remit the money to your son from any bank in Malaysia. 
There is no penalty, fine or tax for parents from all over the world to remit money to their children studying in Australia.
Just go to Maybank, CIMB, AmBank etc, fill up the forms, pay the money over the counter or do "account transfer" and TT the money to your son in Australia. What is so difficult?
If you say that you were trying to avoid suffering a higher Forex rate for changing Ringgit to Aussie Dollar then your cost of flying personally to Australia, paying for hotel etc will have incurred more money than any savings you may have made in the exchange rate. 
Apa lu ingat kita semua bodoh kah?
When we were studying in the US, my wife and I had a normal current account at the local bank (Sooner Federal). Our folks would just TT the money into the account. Or we would receive bank drafts. Still worked. Apa susah sangat?
Wa aakhirul kalam : Can you give us a better story? 
Syed Akbar Ali at 5:00:00 PM

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