Wednesday, 7 March 2018

The stupidest CID Director of PDRM ever!

Wan Ahmad, Federal CID chief now wants his money back, says IGiPee...
The stupidity of this man astounds me. This is no ordinary mata mata. Not a Lance Corporal, a Sergeant, a Sergeant Major or a sub-Inspector. He is ranks higher then a Superintendent...he is the creme de la creme among the gazetted the rarefied level of Commissioners. And he heads the numero uno of the police departments : the Criminal Investigation Department. ...a post, I am proud to say, was once help by my late father, Hamid Latiff.

Wan Ahmad is head of a Police Department for the whole of Malaysia...a potential IGP...though given his present situation, I am sure Najib has earmarked him to be the next IGP...for the Idiot surely wants another Idiot in the Police Force to do his bidding!
We all know about the seizure of his Rm 1 million from his bank account in Australia. I have lived in Australia for over thirty years and the Australian Government does not go around seizing other peoples money...especially money belonging to a very senior police officer from Malaysia....without a good reason. So you and me can be rest assured that not only is this Wan Ahmad 99.999% guilty of money laundering or whatever it is that the Aussie are accusing him of doing...he will NOT get his money back no matter what lawyer he uses. Yes, not even that Lawyer who thinks that "the sun rises to greet me every morning" who went looking into Saiful Anus for greatness.....not even that Lawyer can get Wan Ahmad his money back. So Wan Ahmad told himself......forget the money and save himself the embarrassment of having to stand up in court in Australia to try and get back the money he can never get back. 
Big Mistake!
He failed to see that forfeiting the money will being more embarrassment to him, the IGP, PDRM, DPM and of course the PM! 
So what does he do? He back flips and says he now wants his money...which only does two things to him. One, confirms to all of us that he is an Idiot. Two... ensures that Najib has already decided that he will NOT be the next IGP. 
End of story.

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