Monday, 16 April 2018

Daulat Tuanku? I think not!

Apa akan jadi kapada Johor Royal House kalau Pakatan Harapan wins GE14? 
Simply said this Johor Sultan has put all his eggs into one basket...the basket marked BN. He has no plan B. Why has he not got a Plan B? The same reason as those in umno has no plan B. Their lives are ruled by dedak and dedak will continue to flow only if BN is in government. 
Of course the Johor Sultan does not call it dedak. He calls it business opportunities. Well Tuanku, business opportunities will be susah sikit if Pakatan Harapan is the government after GE14. 
But everyone says that the Johor Royal house are very very very rich...they have properties everywhere! Business everywhere! Really? Ask yourself this...last week that TMJ punk dropped a million ringgit at Aeon Tebrau City. Sure he has many millions left in the bank...but money does not grow on trees. Money has got to be replenished. You do not get a million dollars from doing a nine to five job. You get that kind of money from doing big business ventures. What about selling properties? Yess you can sell properties if you have them. And when you sell properties to spend a million do not replenish your cash diminish it and property is not a renewable source of income. You sell it and it is gone!
So that is the problem with this Johor Royal house now. 
What are their overheads in a month? One million ringgit or ten million ringgit? Maybe more! Where do you get ten million dollars a month from? From your piggy bank? How big is your piggy bank? And when you raid your piggybank to spend one million at the supermarket that is one million ringgit less in your piggy bank.
What about the three hundred cars ...some in air conditioned garages. That is what you call "dead money" might appreciate in value over time...but common sense tells you that keeping 300 cars costs a hell of a lot of money. Again the question...if the cars do not generate an income that means every month...if each car costs RM1000 to garage and maintain ...that is RM300,000 a month just on keeping the car in the garage! That kind of expenditure quickly eliminates any appreciation in value of any car the Sultan has in his garage. 
I can go on in this vein for another couple more pages...but this is the bottom line for the Johor Royal is running out quicker then they can replenish it. And any damm fool knows what that means...there will come a time when there is no more money in the kitty to keep the Royals living in the lifestyle they have been accustomed to all these years.
Long story short...die standing lah...unless....there are "business opportunities" that can top up the depleting Johor Royal house kitty. Now how many of you have done business with the Royals in Malaysia....any Royals! Senang atau susah? Do they work at all? Do they show up everyday at the office? How much salary do they want? Do they understand that you need to make a profit first before you get any dividends? Enough said.
What will Tun Mahathir tell them to do if PH does government after GE14?
Remember what Tun says he will do with the AG? He says he will tel the AG..."Come here...and tell me what is going on"
What will Tun do to the Johor Royal house? He cannot instruct the Sultan "Come here"...cannot lah. ...but he can get Parliament to do what they did to the Sultans the last time the Johor Royal family pushed things a bit too far. And if parliament decides these guys cannot longer do business. can no longer have tax free cars, must pay tax, must pay for the upkeep of their family and palaces....etc etc,,,aiyah die lah! 
So this is my comment to what this Sultan is squaking about in the video below. There is no toxic or incurable virus infecting anybody in Johor. No Tuanku no virus. Yang ada kat Johor sekarang is the gradual realisation by your so called Bangsa Johor of the following:
One : There is no Bangsa is YOU Tuanku that is doing the dividing between the Johor and others so that YOU can divide and rule. 
Two : That Brigadier (NOT) son of yours is a spoiled brat. He ran away from the first "real" job he had in FAM and after that RM1million shopping spree last week...he is dead meat...that is how the people in Australia describe anyone who has not got a hope in hell in righting what he has done wrong.
I am sure, like Najib, you have a plan to get through the next few weeks and emerge victorious and still be the ruler loved by Bangsa Johore and loved even more by the present PM...Najib Razak. 
There are two flaws to that assumption Tuanku. 
One you know as well as I do...that from the thousands of adverse comments on social media with regards to what that son of your did last know as well as I do that if he was really in the army, they would have lined him up against the wall and have him shot.
As for Najib loving you...I think he will have enough problems finding any love of the physical kind in Bamboo River....because that is where he will be going straight after GE14.
One last thing Mr not be too confident that you can lead your brother Sultans in the fight against Pakatan Harapan. Tepuk dada and tanya diri sendiri if your brother Sultans do think of you as a leader...fikir habits habis. 
Daulat Tuanku? I think not!

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