Monday, 16 April 2018

Supermax's Stanley Thai, who is appealing a 5-year jail sentence, admits to being swayed by opposition propaganda.
steadyaku47 comment : I am no Tycoon but if Stanley, who is appealing a 5-year jail sentence can apologise to Najib for NOT supporting him during the 13 GE...then I demand equal time to apologise to Najib for NOT supporting him in GE13 AND GE14. 
This is not about me accusing najib of being a penyagak, perompak, peyamun, pencuri or even a penipu. Najib has never been arrested for doing any of those things. Now don't get me wrong...he has done all of those things and more.... it is just that he has NOT YET been arrested of doing all those things. I think Tun Mahathir will have something to say about najib NOT YET being arrested but we will leave all that until after GE14.
Let us start with the guy who has been arrested! Supermax's Stanley Thai. 
Stanley is appealing a 5-year jail sentence and this guy will apologise to ANYBODY if he can get a "Get out of Jail" card. And for Stanley Najib is a good place to start apologising to....nudge nudge wink wink! . 
Me? I am not appealing any 5-year jail as far as I am concerned najib can go play marbles with his balls...if he can unkepit his balls from his kepit! That would be hard to do given his "kepit mesti kepit" insistence in everything that he does...especially while playing golf! 
Stanley also tells us that he was swayed by opposition propaganda resulting in him supporting the opposition in GE 13. It does not take an Einstein to guess what is swaying him this time around towards najib....I guess there are a few stupid Chinese tycoons in K Hell! 
Me...i don't know how to "sway" even if you get Dean Martin to sing the song to up yours again najib! No swaying towards najib for me!
As for Stanley...aisehman brother, be a man. You kasi us all malu lah. You do the crime be prepared to do the time.