Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Dia ingat ini kepala bapak dia punya Negri?

Every day, it seems, we are reminded of the generosity (NOT) of this Idiot led BN government. This time it is a 70% discount on all summonses and compounds!!! 70 % discount!! Woo ha! Why is the JPJ so generous this close to GE14? What other discounts are the other Government Departments thinking about? A discount on our electricity and water bills? Hapuskan GST...after all that is the only way this Idiot can better Pakatan Harapan promise to us on the GST. 
This Idiot treats this country macham kepala bapak dia punya negeri!!! 

I urge you to take advantage of whatever discounts and freebies this Idiot wants to give you... but just remember this...IT IS OUR MONEY, IT IS OUR REVENUE THAT HE IS NOT COLLECTING, IT IS THIS IDIOT DESPERATE WAY OF "BUYING" THIS ELECTION...AN ELECTION HE WILL when all is done and over with, if the Idiot somehow clings to power, he will have to find ways and means to make up for all this discounts and freebies that he is now going us...and more worrying for us and for our country...he will continue to treat and govern this beloved country of ours as if it was his kepala bapak punya negeri!!! 

F**k the Idiot. Vote Pakistan Harapan !!!

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