Tuesday, 3 April 2018


The trickery of the political serpentines transformation into actors and actress promoting themselves for this glamorous photo opportunity is an antique and outdated methodology.  To engage in hypocrisy for real Oscars is a magnet.

  • The cow and condo lady is desperately feeding healthy old folks who suffer no disability. But not supplying a drop of her cow’s milk.
  • The Pimp Minister is cooking a storm with his pink lady supervising. This moron is holding a ladle like he is undoing his zipper. I am quite certain that this blue blood will make a mess of this simple task.
  • The Hippo lady is scrubbing an already clean floor.
  • The Traitor in Perak is picking rubbish in one specific area but the rest of the place has rubbish piling. Someone ought to remind him that the trash needs to be removed from Putra Jaya.

The election period is the most crime free, with a friendly environment and is the safest the country will ever get.
  • The kidnappers have abandoned their tools of trade.
  • The PDRM will enjoy the highest period of success in five years. They will solve crimes, no detainee to die in a lock up fiasco. 
  • The criminals are busy campaigning to win another five years for looting and lying.
  • The murderers have locked their Guns and explosives 
  • Husbands and fathers will sigh in relief! No MACC character will run away with their wife or daughter. The chance of anyone falling out the office windows is negligible.
  • Stupidity and idiotic statements are banished. Silence is golden from the Ministers, they will smile though their hearts are aching and breaking from potential loss from their main source of revenue- THIEVERY!
  • Radical and extremist  Mullahs and Mufti’s will relinquish claims of exclusivity to God’s name or anything related to God. Their spiritual inspiration will shine.
  • Jamban Jamal will keep a low profile and serve Ikan Bakar for free which is provided by his mentor using our money.
  • Toilet paper will be dispensed free with prominent faces and names on it. If one wipes any BN arse with this toilet paper or flag- no sedition charge!  BN with virginity’s compassion from a gutter in Soho will trumpet that they are supporters and defenders of free speech and expression- while Zunar draws a different caricature of criminality.
  • The most profane, promiscuous and poisonous will experience moments of piety, poverty and pity for the citizens.

Do not be fooled -these Oscar winning performances are designed to avoid Sungai Buloh. No crocodile ever shed tears of sorrow on a meal that leaps into their open jaws, or the serial reticulated pythons of politics ever denied itself the joy of constricting citizens before consuming them complete.
Don’t leap into the jaws of the crocodilian criminal of a PM. His rivers of voting promises of sweet water is a mirage in the desert of dreams. Do not go into a dark forest of deception, where the deadly pythons of parties in the parasitic BN coalition are offering the apples from the looted paradise of 1MDB, Felda, Tabung Haji and EPF. 
Consider that

  • They can’t help but lie even when there is no rhyme or reason. It is embedded in their DNA. The manner of their smooth lying is the way we wish urinal flows out of our system.
  • Will they stop feeding us their fake news to enable us stop telling the truth about each one of these clowns?

This may be deemed as fake news, but Petronas in as far as we know will claim drilling rights on the heads of the PM, cabinet, Govt institution, PDRM MACC, AG etc, should the price of crude oil goes past USD70/- per barrel.

If massive corruption isn’t good enough a reason to kick them out, the indecency of Rafizi and Anwar incarceration is sufficient motivation to boot every one of these foul smelling obscene swine’s into oblivion and obscurity out of existence.



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