Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Eric See-To...Is this guy a PH operative in deep cover in BN?

Polling on Wednesday fair to all, says See-To

 | April 10, 2018 
The BN strategist says this is because some states observe weekends on different days.
BN strategist Eric See-To says during Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s tenure as prime minister, polling day was on a weekday several times.
PETALING JAYA: Barisan Nasional (BN) strategist Eric See-To today said it is only fair to hold the 14th general election on a Wednesday due to the different weekends observed by the various states.
The Election Commission announced today that nominations would be held on Saturday, April 28, and polling on Wednesday, May 9.
“The states of Terengganu, Kedah and Kelantan have always had their weekends on Friday and Saturday,” See-To, deputy director of BN’s strategic communications unit, said in a post on Facebook.
“To have a polling date set on Sunday would be unfair to these states.”
Likewise, he said, if the election was set on a Friday, it would be unfair to voters in states where Friday was a working day.
“Similarly, if an election was to be set on a Saturday, it would be a half-day for some, and a full rest day for others,” he said.

steadyaku47 comment : 
Before any of you guys start going off at a tangent and start blasting this guy for being a running dog of the corrupt BN electoral machinery (which he already is why waste time reminding every one else about a "given"?), I am putting up my hand to say that I am in total agreement with what this Eric See is saying.
And before you call me a turncoat...let me explain Eric's  logic.
By Eric is only fair that Najib is married to Rosmah because different men have different type of wives. 

Some have fat wives, some thin. Some have beautiful wives some have ugly wives. Some have graceful wives and some wives are bitches. And then there are some wives who are wenches and some are witches. 

In far as Eric is concern you do not go and choose the best polling choose the worse. So he agrees that Najib should choose a wife who is fat, ugly, is a bitch and a witch...which really is what Najib has for a wife now!!! Betul take?
Is that not what Eric is saying when he says Wednesday is the best day to have a polling day? He is choosing the worst day of the week for Malaysians to go to vote. So there is logic here ...irrational logic may be.... but nevertheless with this kind of logic he covers his ass in as far as his political boss is concern. By Eric's rationale he is telling us that he believes that Najib has got the best wife he could possible choose. 

Now I wonder who Eric would choose to be the leader of the next government after GE 14? 

Going by his logic he would choose somebody who is corrupt, a pondan aka Mr Kepit, a penyagak, penipu, penyamum and a coward to boot.....the worst possible leader you could find anywhere! He does not have to look far because he is now working or one!

Me? I want a competent, accounatble, responsible and courageous leader........the type that you can find from within PH.

And this guy is a BN strategists? Woo everything seems to fall into place! Use race and religion to divide and rule. Use money to buy votes. Use DAP as the target ....and of course....the question I really want to ask Eric is simply this....are you a planted PH operative in deep deep cover in BN? Don't answer me because I do not want you to blow your cover...but between you and...nudge nudge wink are doing a good job!