Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Ismail : Stay Out of Politics!

HRH BG (Honorary) Tunku Ismail
This is my second write up to your post in the last 24 hours. I note that my previous post was deleted by admin. I would like to repeat again that I am the son of Johor who has defended the country at most of its borders together with my RMR and Ranger Comrade. During those period I have earned my respect among my peers and man. To the contrary, you grew up as a silver spooner in a guarded environment and off late talks about protecting the people interest but in reality we all know you are talking about you and your family interest. Since you like to hide behind the veil of monarchy and behave like a commoner, I hope in spirit of fairness your will consider my statement clearly and not send the police to go after me and ask them to see you in the palace.
Your refusal to accept that the royal institution are above politics. Your great grandfather had given away their powers to rule when they join Malaysia. Don’t blame others today on the state of affairs in Johore. Perhaps you should start at looking within your family history and the evolution of history in Malaysia. The clipping of royal powers was necessary because of many people has became victim of the royal family particularly in Johore without any rights to recourse. Eight other sultanates in Malaysia does not behaves like your family.
You cant even manage FAM and raised the standard of football in Malaysia despite your arroagant claims that you can do such. In the end you walk away with tails between your legs. Don’t talk about managing the state or the country.
You and your family, like every other politicians has agendas. They are all one and the same. Self before others. In your family case you want to ensure that you can milk the state for your own family. You want to maintain your lifestyle. Do you ever pay tax? Even Queen E, pays tax in England. As a person who doesn’t pay tax, lived a live that is sheltered, I don’t think you are in position to understand the people’s suffering.
Perhaps you can comment on how the Johor household are entitled of “1/3rd of the economic benefits of EDL” without spending a single cent on the project? The project has lost money and the FG is taking it back and yet the palace is demanding their share of the ecomic benefits. Is this about the people interest? FG has no money and yet you are demanding a 1/3rd share of economic benefits despite not investing a single penny into the project.
I quote “You only have to trust me, I know what I am doing” - With due respect trust has to be earned. Trust cannot be forced upon people. As an ordinary citizen and retired soldier, I too know what I am doing. I grew up in the ranks and lead my men. On the other hand can you say the same about yourself. I have the respect of my officers and men till today. 
Your statement “HM The Sultan of Johor and I guide the skipper for you” can only be interpreted as the need to have a puppet skipper that the palace can control. Obviously it is primarily for its own personal gains. We have seen the result of this in KPJ, property development that does not meet planning requirements and many more. We have seen how your father controls the MB and state excos for his own personal interest.
I may not be in politics but I am neither deaf or blind. Allah give me eyes to see, ears to hear, and brain to think. My advice to you – to protect the royal interest, stay out of politics
Thank you
Col (Rtd) RMR
Who earned his rank

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