Thursday, 19 July 2012


Thugs with protection!

"When Uncas follows in my footsteps, there will no longer be any of the blood of the sagamores, for my boy is the last of the Mohicans…I have lived to see the last warrior of the wise race of the Mohicans. Tamenund foresees that "The pale-faces are masters of the earth, and the time of the red-men has not yet come again"

When I think of those lines from the historical novel “Last of the Mohicans” by James Fenimore Cooper my mind goes reluctantly to what might have been for the Malays if UMNO had understood the need to ensure that what happened to the Mohicans will not befall the Malays.  “Tak kan Melayu hilang di dunia!” ….so UMNO says. Not that the Malays will ever disappear from this earth, it is more of regret for opportunities lost and what could have been not only for the Malays but also for our future – for all of us. If Ketuanan Melayu had been a genuine attempt to ensure a level playing field for all Malaysian.

How is it that when UMNO had the opportunity to make something for the Malays, for our nation and for our future, they squandered it all with frivolous monuments to posterity that has no relevance to our immortality?

UMNO squandered it all because of its preoccupation with the acquisition of material wealth that inevitably weakened their resolve and their abilities to do what is decent and good for our own people and our nation.

And why did they use their considerable political will not to build a future for our children but to think of how else they can hold on to power without regard to anything else but their own selfish needs and vested interests?

That will be the epitaph written of UMNO many years from now when wise Malays sit together and ponder wither has gone the days of Malay political dominance.

Even now I wonder how is it that UMNO can find itself staring into the abyss of possible defeat in the coming 13th general election when for the last half a century only UMNO amongst all other political entity in this nation were in the enviable position of being in politics and having political power at the same time! For politicians, politics and power is a marriage made in heaven. Together they open up infinite possibilities. To be in politics for fifty over years and be in power for just as long tells us that UMNO must have been doing something right! So where did it all go horribly wrong?

So wrong that UMNO now knows it lives on borrowed time. Does not a drowning man grasp at straws? And UMNO is drowning!

Somewhere in the last half century UMNO’s in all their wisdom concluded that the goodwill of the electorate was no longer needed for them to hold on to political power and instead started to do things the ‘UMNO’ way!

They set out to rid our country of as many non-Malays as they could through policies that made life difficult for those who were not Malays. And to replace these educated non-Malays that left our shores this BN government brought in Pendatangs.

Pendatangs who by being Muslims became Malays and were given the right of abode and to vote. Low skilled foreign workers were given citizenship. This BN can do legally   - never mind the increase in serious crime rate with the influx of these low skilled immigrants – what mattered was the built up of a vote bank made up of these Pendatangs – who by UMNO’s twisted logic, will now vote UMNO because it was UMNO that gave them citizenship.

They made into Malays those who were ‘almost’Malays – the Mamaks and any others that were prepared to be Malays.

They set out to control, manage and mould the people of this nation into the image of what UMNO want them to be – a compliant, meek population that would do as told.

And Gerry meandering of the electoral boundaries was redrawn to favour UMNO. Voters name were culled from voters rolls  - with no explanation from the EC. The EC is a loss cause. An obedient pariah dog beholden to UMNO for it daily feed. Voter’s roll were being managed to assist BN…it gets dirtier and dirtier

Malaysian living abroad are allowed to vote because their postal votes could be manipulated to as the postal votes of the Armed Forces were manipulated to buttress UMNO on a need basis.

These were acts bordering on criminality – if not downright illegal but the collusion of the EC and other pliant government machineries made it possible.

But UMNO does not stop there.

Today UMNO goes further. Those who demand free and fair election are physically, brutally and savagely beaten up by PDRM. Yes what the police do, even if it is to hantam their own people can still be argued to be within the bounds of legality. So it is arguable…at most the police are ‘heavy handed’ in their actions.

After the NFC we have the Ampang LRT issue…but who cares? Not Najib!

What is disturbing is the deliberate progression towards criminality as UMNO becomes more desperate in its attempt to stop the relentless advance of Pakatan Rakyat against everything that UMNO has done to ensure its demise!

Is not the use of thugs and gangsters to create havoc, mayhem and cause physical harm to those attending ceramahs by the opposition a criminal act? This is taking intimidation to another level – the level we have seen used by Samy Velu in MIC so often before. Power is cut off and in the ensuing darkness chairs are thrown, people physically harmed and havoc created as the crowd scattered in fear of their lives. This was Samy Velu’s way. Now it has become UMNO’s!

Of what interest have thugs and gangster in political gathering of Pakatan Rakyat? At each of these intrusions they have become bolder knowing that there will be no attempt by the law to either stop them much less apprehend or punish them for their criminal acts. Why they would think so is for you to work out but suffice to say that these acts are not made gratis! Who pays them and what their instructions are will be open to conjecture. That these are criminal acts cannot be denied.

If there is the political will PDRM will be able to work out an arrangement with these unsavoury characters to stop what they are doing on pain of arrest at the very least, death if necessary. It would be child’s play for PDRM to go after these petty thugs and gangsters – but only if their political masters say so.

Their Political Masters have not said so!

And so it will continue until the inevitable occurs. Serious injuries or loss of life. Until then UMNO says to these thugs and gangsters go and have your way with the opposition!

I say that Najib knows about these acts. I say that Najib approves of these acts. I say that Najib actively encourages the use of these thugs and gangsters to disrupt opposition rallies and gatherings. I will go so far as to say that Najib knows, approves, encourages and allocates the funds for these acts. This act of criminality by UMNO and by our Prime Minister goes beyond what is kosher. Desperate people do desperate things. UMNO and Najib are desperate!

This is why we need to tell them that they must stop this criminality. As desperate as they are to stop the relentless advance of the opposition towards Putrjaya they cannot resort to these tactics because the ramification to law and order and the harm it might do to innocent people is too great to contemplate. This Barisan Nasional government should not stoop so low!

The question now is how much more will we take before we turn around and take an eye for an eye rather then turn the other cheek? PDRM have been at the receiving end of enraged citizens who have decided that enough is enough! These have been isolated instances of controlled aggression by our people against a Police Force whose very loyalty must at times be questioned even by this Barisan Nasional government.

We have our sympathisers within PDRM and the Armed Forces. How many or how few will be open to conjecture. UMNO was able to depend fully on the Malay dominated Police and the Armed Forces during the May 13th Riots of 1969 because it was made out to be a racial incident  - Malay versus the non-Malays. This time around I doubt if PDRM and the Armed Forces would want to get involve in a situation where a popular movement against BN has been mounted not by any race but by the people of

So I would suggest that Najib and the Barisan Nasional coalition that he leads stop to consider the ramification of what they are now doing in the name of winning the 13th general election! All the means that they intend to use will never justify the ends. If this Barisan Nasional government lapses knowingly into criminality to harass and intimidate the opposition in the lead up to the 13th general election – then they themselves must be prepared to be at the receiving end of such criminal behaviour.

History has taught us that the fall of powerful governments begin from within their inner circles – by people who have become disillusioned by what is happening within that regime. Let us see how many Malays in the inner circle of UMNO have become so and what they are prepared to do about it.

For now no more turning of the other cheek. 

An eye for an eye! 

One of our people dead is one too many