Monday, 17 December 2012

cakap cakap... you say dulian, I say durian!

From time to time we come across situations and comments made by others that can be described as interesting (for lack of a better word!). Interesting in the sense that you wonder how these people have come to do the things they do or make the comments they make that you would not.

Yesterday I came across a couple of these situations.

The first one relates to the tragic massacre of school children and adults – 27 of them in total and it goes like this  “It is deplorable that no one had a gun to defend the children…” Straight away “DING” goes that bell in my head and I asked myself  “do schools in Amerce allow people going to school or working in those schools to carry guns to protect themselves or the children in those schools?”

How does that work out? If they do have guns to defend those unfortunate schoolchildren and adults what sort of a bloodbath would have ensued when a determined maniac with enough armaments to kill 27 children and adults come face to face with these armed individuals? Custer last stand all over again?
The next comment I found interesting was from a victim of the recent devastating storms in the Philippines that killed over 1000 people. I was watching TV coverage of the damage done to property and lives of people caught in the path of the storm when the camera pans onto the face of one of those victims – an aged man who have lost everything…and I hear him say “ …and now I hope God will help me to recover from this storm”…and this thought pass through my mind.  Did it ever occurred to this man that it was God who made the storm that took everything from him….and now he expects the same God to help him recover from the ravages of the storm?

My thought would be this:  Why should God do anything to help since it was God that made the storm in the first place. Would it not be more logical for God to just not made the storm – then there would not be any suffering and he would not have to  help anybody to recover from a calamity he had imposed on them! But than this is only me thinking aloud. I am sure some of you will have some rational explanations why GOD did what he did….but I really do not want to know. I have my opinion and you will have ours…so in the balance of things in this world we are even.

It is in times like this that I find myself in great difficulty to understand and accept the doings and the thinking of my fellow human beings. Yes we are all different and entitled to our own thoughts but surely there must be some uniformity, rationality and common sense in our thought process. And of course, here again, what is uniformity what is rational and what is common sense is again I will rest my case.