Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Everybody...Stand By Those Who Are with Us!

What are they going to do? Arrest everybody? Beat everybody up who are against them,even murder those that threatens to expose their criminal deeds? 


Their latest victim yesterday is Rafizi. Today it is Rafizi..who knows who their next victim will be tomorrow? Perhaps Tun Dr Mahathir Mohammad?

This is what we should do...what you should do...what I will do....what anyone who view the leadership of Najib with revulsion and contempt should do.

Continue to show your revulsion and contempt for them in any way you can. Wave banners, confide your contempt of Najib to those you trust...better still, put your contempt for him into words and post it onto the public domain...onto the NET. 

I will continue to go and find someone who is not on our side and tell them why they should now be on our side. 

If you know of activists who are agitating for change - give them moral and physical support for what they do in any way you can. Offer your assist logistically and where you can, financially. Offer to provide transportation if they need it, offer to print whatever pamphlets, letters and visuals they need. Anything that is of help to it.

And for those of you who want to do more, take every opportunity that comes your way to agitate for change....and keep a stone hidden in your hand for use when needed, for if they want to harm, you do unto others what they want to do unto you before they do it to you!

And if after doing all this you can still do more towards ridding this nation of ours of Najib...please do more.    

Meanwhile let us think not only of those that have been arrested and jailed but also those who are in police custody and those that know that in the fullness of time, arrest will come their way...Tun Dr Mahathir Mohammad included!

And let us think about those whose loved ones have been taken into custody by that TWIT who, for now, still heads PDRM. 

Be there for them if you can...if not think about what they are going through and pray that all will be well for them soon. 

All this and more, the family and loved ones of those being targeted by Najib and his cohorts will have to endure until we can rid ourselve of Najib Razak and his odious wife. Once they go you will know that change will come. Umno will know that they will have to change and Malaysians everywhere will know that the waiting is almost over...until then....we keep the fire within us raging!