Tuesday, 5 April 2016

JAWI : They do things in the name of Islam? Huh!

It would seem that the bully boys from JAWI think it is their business to disrupt a fund raising event at the Renaissance Hotel a few days back because the event was organised by trans gender....and of course they had the media in tow to sensationalise what they were doing "in the name of Islam!"

These are the same JAWI bully boys who snatch the dead from their loved ones in order to give them a "Muslim" burial.

The same JAWI bully boys who pronounce Cadbury to be haram or halal and from to time raid book stores, churches and other house of worship in the name of promoting Islamic values! 

These JAWI bully boys also raid private houses and hotel rooms to go look for Muslims who illegally fornicate - but they always raid the cheap hotel rooms never the Five Star Hotels where the Ummno Ministers and the so called odious political elites fuck their mistresses and girlfriends. 

And they turn a blind eye to sexual escapes of those head of Islam in the various states - the Sultans! 

Hell even the prime minister wife - FLOM the FLOP gets away with touching and kissing another women's husband! What has JAWI done about that?

What has JAWI done about that illegitimate daughter that one of our previous Kings had with a Filipino Nurse?

What has Jawi done about the illegitimate child that a previous MB of Perlis fathered with a women he was not married to...yes that ex Perlis MB is Shahidan Kassim! His is still in Najib's cabinet is he not?

While you are checking on the previous King, Shahidan Kassim and other randy old Umno Ketuas why not check on what Najib and his FLOM the FLOP get up to when they are in their bedroom in Seri Perdana? I do not want them to be doing anything oral or anal sex! And do tell Najib that he must also not treat his body like an amusement park! No unIslamic sex please...we are Muslims!

These JAWI bully boys are just paid workers of a religious department that this contemptible UMNO led government are using to impose upon other Muslims in Malaysia, their idea of how Muslims should behave. 

I say other Muslims because these bloody Umno politicians do not want the same religious tenets impose on Muslims to be imposed upon them. These UMNO idiots live in a parallel Muslim universe where corruption is legal and fornicating outside the bonds of marriage is OK.....and damm JAWI!