Friday, 1 April 2016

The Tin Kosong with the non-Halal Kidney ....

Asia's top debater tells Bung Moktar if everyone who spoke their minds had to contest in the polls, over a million people would be standing in Pekan alone.

There you are......did I not suggest that Syed Saddiq offers himself to a debate with Bung Moktar? That's the way to go Syed Suddiq to teach this Kinabatangan bloke that if he wants to proof his interlectual prowess as an MP, it would be best to take him to a debate. Well, let's offer Bung Moktar the subject of his choice, but certainly not on some thing that is 'sexy' know what I mean.....rather something interlectual. We will have to wait for an answer from Bung Moktar, and if he does not take on the offer, then we know he is scared stiff because he has nothing intetlectual in his head, but knows only to act like an empty tin can. That's what he is as a UMNO Kinabatangan MP.