Friday, 1 April 2016

cakap cakap. Tajuddin Rahman...Din times have change.

There're so many opportunities here, he says.
Umno supreme council member Tajuddin Abdul Rahman has hit out at Malaysians who live overseas, calling them “unpatriotic”.
"These people must change their mindset, be patriotic; don't live outside the country, (this is) not patriotic at all.
"(They talked about) brain drain, what brain drain? There is no brain drain here," he said.

steadyaku47 comment : Din ini sudah personal. I have been watching and listening to what you have been saying these last few month since Zahid became DPM. Pada sehari ka sehari makin berdesing telinga aku. Tapi I have known you since your Cycle and Carriage days and I still remember how you tolong me on that signage job for Cycle and Carriage in front of the old Umno building a long long time I make don't know only lah! 

Until now!

Yesterday I saw this report about you saying that Malaysians living abroad are unpatriotic. I am a Malaysian and I live now what to hantam me I got to hantam you back lah!

I know Din that you are a politician through and through. You know no other jalan to cari makan but to dabble in any level. Of course lah at Federal level where you are now is the best place to dabble in politics. I know you know nudge nudge wink wink you scratch my back I scratch your back ! Ini cara nya politics is done in Umno kan?

I know lah that Zahid may be PM soon ....and the operative word here is "may be PM". Still not 100%  ma. Both of you are from Perak. Zahid from Bagan Datoh and you from Pasir Salak.

Din  are you are now positioning yourself for the time when Zahid becomes PM? Maybe bila Zahid jadi PM ada chance you naik jadi Menteri. Orang Perak mesti nak orang Perak dalam cabinet kan?

This is what I think Din. There is nothing wrong in being ambitious in politics. You have been quiet for a long long time...even when Abang Lah was under Najib you have been able to breath a bit. Najib needs your type of "berani mati" punya orang. And you know if you put your fierce face on, every one will takut one! 

But times have changed Din.  

You cannot do politics now as you do politics in the past. Those berani mati barisan depan Umno foot soldiers are no longer needed nor can they be useful to Zahid should he become PM.  Sekarang kena guna tact, otak and must respect all Malaysians. ...that is if you want to be relevant in politics in Malaysia. 
Stop attacking Rosmah Mansor , says deputy minister Tajuddin Rahman, pointing out that Lim Guan Eng had bought a bungalow because his wife liked it.

You cannot say these kind of things anymore - even if you think it is your duty to defend your president and perdana menteri. 

I know that you have the brains to work out what needs to be done to survive politically. You have been in politics long enough to know this. You know that the sand Najib is standing upon is shifting. Dia dah mula tumbung. So stop ampu mengampu Rosmah and Najib...that way when they fall, you do not fall with them.

Tone down your voice a bit....its too loud even when you are whispering. Be an agent for change. Be an agent for racial integration and be an agent for the Malaysia that its people aspire for.   

Do this now Din ...then maybe when Zahid does become PM he will see the need to have veteran politicians like you still in cabinet....maybe even naik pangkat to full Minister! 

Until them behave yourself lest you become known to the rakyat for the wrong reasons  ....something you have been through before in the past. 

In closing may I just say this. 

Living outside Malaysia does not mean that I am no longer a Malay...and more important to me, it does not mean that I am unpatriotic! Malaysia is and will always be home to me...for now I live in Melbourne for reasons you will already no need to elaborate lah. 

Din I urge you to think very carefully how you intend to navigate yourself into the cabinet of the next PM of Malaysia. Kalau Zahid jadi PM...senang sikit for you to be a full Minister...but meritocracy will become the critical criteria by which all Malaysians will be judged if they have aspirations of serving our nation at the highest level of government. 

Calling Malaysians who live overseas unpatriotic and saying there is nothing wrong for Najib to buy things to make his wife happy will only make you the subject of odium and disgust of many Malaysians who knows only too well what Najib Razak has done in the name of government. 

Until we meet again Din...warm regards and salam to the family.    

P.S. Din jangan lupa pakai songkok...kalau tak pakai songkok nampak sangat botak kat forehead!