Saturday, 2 April 2016


The United States officials are in Kuala Lumpur for a 1MDB-linked probe.

The Twit of an IGP

This simpleton Twit you must admit,
Likes living under both of Najib's armpit.
He acts like a Bandit
And is full of bullshit
I think he deserves to be thrown into the cesspit!

To many of us he is a disgrace
Because everything he does is without grace.
He must come from a sub race
Certainly not from a super race
I just wish he will vanish without a trace.

This IGP is more obedient than a dog

But he has less brains than an eggnog
He is Najib's watchdog
Buts acts like a water hog
I think there is more sense in Elvis's hound dog.

When in uniform he thinks he is the best.
And threatens everyone with arrests.
But this I can attest
He only acts at Najib's bequest
Because with brains he is not not at all blest.