Saturday, 11 June 2016

cakap cakap...THINK!

It is past midnight. 12.23 AM to be exact. 

I was already in my bed, under three layers of blankets, watching TV and waiting for sleep...but sleep won't come. I go make myself a cup of Nescafe, put on my jacket and socks.....the temperature outside is 10 degrees C..... and power on my MAC because I know that I want to write until I am tired enough to go to sleep...that may be in 30 minutes or longer. Much longer...

A few things have been playing in my mind. I got my seven million clicks about a week ago and I am now averaging eight thousand clicks a day....maybe ten to twelve thousand clicks if I do more "work" on the blog on any given day. 

I have no one to compare the "popularity" of steadyaku47 with....nor do I want to do so. I write for myself and what I want is to have as many of you to read what I write. Anything else that comes from the writing and the reading is a plus. That plus can be a negative or a positive, I take whatever comes my way as being part of the blogging process.

But I am trying to make some sense of why, out of an average of 8000 clicks a day, I get less that 1%  of reactions (in the forms of "Likes" and "Comments") on what I write in steadyaku47....i.e between 30 to 50 feed backs daily. Now do not get me wrong...I am grateful that any of you do react to what you read in this blog in any way at all...but what about the rest of you? Just click and go? 

I realize that I do not know who reads what I write, why you read what I write and after reading what I write, I do not know what you think of what I write....and here is what I think of all that : We are like two ships passing each other in the still of the night! 

I am still trying to work out in my head whether that is a good thing....still trying to figure out in my mind if there is anything more to blogging than that...and more important to me, if I am comfortable enough with the way things are. 

And I think it would do you good if you figure out in your head as to whether this is a good thing....whether you want to get anything more from reading not only my blog, but any other blog.....whether you want to leave things as they are.....or do you want to be part of the process of blogging by telling us bloggers what you think of what we write and telling us what we should write!